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May 6, 2014

STORY~ (8)
Toradora! is a story about a boy, Ryuuji Takasu, and a girl, Aisaka Taiga. Ryuuji is known as a delinquent in school, despite his gentle and caring nature, and Aisaka is known as the "Palmtop Tiger" and is feared by students and teachers, although this is pretty accurate and expected considering her hostile and violent nature. 

Aisaka and Ryuuji live right next door to each other and eventually make a deal to help the other out with their love life seen as both of them seem to be the victim of unrequited love.

Although Toradora! seems like a typical romance anime with the same plot as almost all the rest, it's not and that's what surprised me. I was never once bored watching Toradora! and there were plenty of plot twists to keep me entertained. 

If romance anime isn't for you, there might still be a chance you will enjoy this anime as it has just the right amount of humour and slice of life thrown into 25 episodes to balance out the main love story plot.

The main focus in Toradora was definitely the characters art wise, because even though the character design and animation wasn't all that good, there were still bits to admire about the characters whereas there wasn't anything very special about the background and scenery, hat being said, there wasn't really anything I can say was bad about it either. I will say this though: when it comes to animation, they definitely worked from the phrase "simple is better." 

SOUND~ (9)
I found the voices of the characters very enjoyable and all of the voice actors did a great job with their characters in my opinion. 

The best thing about Toradora! I found was the characters. They were all very relatable, with plenty of character development and you get to see many sides to them all. By the end of the series I was thinking of them as people I knew as oppose to characters in an anime. 

Overall, I enjoyed Toradora! very much and would recommend it to anyone who asked!:)

8/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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