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Mar 24, 2014

Okay. I literally just finished watching Sekirei, and the story is about the only thing I really enjoyed about it. Basically, "Sekirei" are girls who have an "Ashikabi." The Ashikabi are somewhat like the Sekirei's "master" and they must fulfill the wishes of their Ashikabi at all times. The rules of Sekirei is that they have to fight every other Sekirei they come in contact with.

Minato Sahashi is an intelligent boy living in Tokyo. However, Minato crumbles under pressure which has resulted in two failed college entrance exams.

One day, Minato is walking somewhere when suddenly a girl literally falls from the sky. Minato learns that the girl's name is Misubu, but doesn't have time to learn much else because Misubu is being chased by two other women, Minato later finds out are Sekirei.

The plot then progresses when Misubu has to stay with Minato, and announces that he is her Ashikabi, sealing the deal with a kiss. As the story goes on, Minato accidentally gathers a harem of Sekirei at his command, which almost brings more trouble than it's worth.

Interesting, right? Wrong. The story would have been all it could have been if there WASN'T SO MUCH DAMN FANSERVICE. A bit of ecchi, I don't mind. THIS, however, I can barely deal with. It wasn't as bad as HOTD or Highschool DxD, becayse this I actually managed to finish, but wow. Do you know how much time they wasted with panty shots? Unbelievable.

The art, well.. meh. It was meh and I don't know how else to describe it. There wasn't anything particularly 'wow' about it, but nothing that bad either.

I watched the dubbed version, and let me just say I didn't enjoy it. The supporting characters were alright, but DON'T GET THE VOICE OF THE MAIN CHARACTER WRONG OR THE WHOLE THING GOES DOWN IN SMOKE. Jeez.

There wasn't much time for character development when all that was focused on was boobs and ass. In fact, the most character development was in the last episode, which is no good to anybody because it's a bit late to show the characters in a relatable way then. You mainly only get to see the characters bickering and fighting over Minato, which is amusing at times, but when it's half of every single episode, it's not so much fun to watch. It gets pretty boring.

The story was good, but everything else was either average or just plain bad. So unfortunately, I can't score any higher than 5.5.. Although it was a good anime with some interesting ideas, there was too much time spent on fanservice for them to actually develop anything interesting.
I guess it just isn't my type of anime.

7/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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