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Ok, so I pop in after over a year of no longer using the sight and within 5 minutes I find an anime I want to watch.  So I guess I should pop in more frequently then eh?

Favourite animes - Monster, Texhnolyze, Gungrave, Kino's Journey, Mushishi and FMA.

Other animes that deserve mention (par the obvious): -

Series - Haibane Renmei, Now & Then Here & There, Darker than Black, Basilisk, Higurashi no naku koro ni, Mononoke, Jigoku Shoujo, Red Garden, Claymore, Nodame Cantabile, The Daughter of 20 Faces.

Film - Angel's Egg, Spirited Away, Jin-Roh, Perfect Blue, Vampire Hunter D, Tokyo Godfathers,

OVA - Hellsing, Comedy, Cat Soup, Kakurenbo, Interlude, Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal

About me:

I was born and bought up in the West Country in England and after meeting my husband here on the a-p forum and realising he wasn't a mincing, boy hungry peadophile and/or rapist, married the fella.  I now live in Oregon, which is unfortunately full of hippies and sports fanatics.  When not dodging these unlikely sorts I find myself looking for work and enjoying the longest holiday of my life: waiting for citizenship.  I like the US but miss the UK, most noteably the accent and the food.  I also wish all American's didn't abuse the word "like" in every day conversation, like sod off already.

Weird things about me:

I used to think that eyelashes didnt grow back until consoled by my GCSE science teacher that I was not going bald at the eyes

I still believe that there are four types of grape vines:- seeded black, seeded green, non-seeded black, non-seeded green.

I once dressed up as an orange monk, chanting "I am an orange, I am an orange. Do you laugh? If you don't see anything to laugh at, pretend you see it, then laugh" for several hours.

I have a genuine fear of midgets.

Things I like (par anime): Music (massively), mainly jazz and experimental rock, some singer/songwriter and elcectronica, reading, playing computer games, 19th century French & Russian art, Japanese culture and history, foreign films, stand-up comedians and learning.

Things I don't Like:

The Olsen Twins, hairy women ( I have a fear of them too, but it's not genuine), girls who aim a camera at anything, develop it in black and white and claim themselves a photographer - yeah, ofcourse you are, football hooligans, people who fire me and ants.

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tetra Feb 13, 2008

Actually I don't know what it is hyped up to be, but I did enjoy it.

It has a very laid back feel, and it is very open for, not interpretation but for filling in the gaps. And I enjoy stories that do not point out the important parts with a big red arrow, and the not so important parts with a smaller red arrow.

tetra Feb 13, 2008

I saw your top5 and fell in love ^^

great taste! 

VivisQueen Feb 12, 2008

You'll be surprised how little it really has to do with mecha. The kids have to ride a mecha, but it's not 'Quick! Power up and save the world!' with flashing lights and all that jazz. Understated mecha touch but insane characterisation. Be sure to watch the first three or four. The first episode will tell you little about the mood that's to come. Although you'll get a feel for the level of realism. Enjoy!

VivisQueen Feb 12, 2008

Haha! I don't have the money, man. Not even to buy the game or rent it or anything. I count my pennies buying food. But that's fine. Apparently when I get a degree, I can get a job that pays one million and then I'll by SIXTY PS3s. All for myself. Sixty widescreen monitors all with Dante doing his thing. *sigh* Dreams... And Bokurano is great stuff. It's fucked up, but very good. If you're looking for a mecha with a psycho feel and disturbing plot, go for it.

VivisQueen Feb 12, 2008

>_< OH my God, I'm so jealous!!! I want a PS3 so bad. Why am I always poor at the exact wrong times?! Thanks for the update, though. I'll forever be staring longingly through the Game windows now.