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Dec 3, 2012

Story 10/10

This story is amazing.  The deep backstories of the characters, the flips and turns of the plot keep you on your toes throughout the entire series.  I tried making assumptions while watching, no good.  Each assumption was shot down at some point and the complete opposite was thrown in my face with a huge middle finger.  I see this put in a list with Higurashi, but I would set it on it's on list.  The deaths mean something more here, and the story is much more cohesive. 

I was pessimistic at first with this anime, seeing as it was grouped with Higurashi and I personally couldn't finish it.  But I was hooked after the second episode, I had to know where the story was going and what the ultimate conclusion would be.  My mind was screwed with many times and it was awesome.

Animation 9/10

The animationa and design of characters is clean and smooth.  It is dark though, and the rare bright scenes really burn into your retinas.  Other than that, it isn't like the most highschool animes.  The design of the schools are gritty and old.  A very nice break from the clean, brand new schools of other animes.

Sound 9/10

Ali Project provides the opening theme.  Is it a coincidence they provided the opening theme for Rozen Maiden while this one also has a doll focus as well?  With the creepy style the opening really sets the mood for what you are about to watch.  The ending is a contrast, calming almost like they are letting you just take in what you just witnessed.

As for voice acting.  It is pretty generic, but the choices work really well.  I enjoyed each characters voice and neither of them were grating or just painfully annoying.

Characters 10/10

A magnificent cast.  Each character is memorable and has their own reasons for their actions.  The main character is easy to follow, and doesn't come off as the hero type, especially in the end.  You can feel the emotions of each character, even the emotionless Misaki.  I really love this cast.

Overall 9.5

Overall, this is a great psychological horror.  It plays with your mind while tickling your emotions.  The story is terrific, the animation is stunning.  I'm in love with the opening by Ali Project.  And the cast is great.  I would recommend this anime to anyone who enjoys a magnificent story, or are looking for a psychological horror that does it's job well.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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