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Hello, my name is Tegan... I've loved anime for a long time, but it takes a while for me to get through a series since I have such a busy life. My favorite anime as of the moment, is Elfen Lied, seconded by Chobits. However, my favorite anime movie-wise, is Princess Mononoke.I probably won't write a review on many animes unless I strongly like or dislike it, however, I rate everything, and try to leave short comments below... I also do not read any manga, I really never could get into any of it.

Princess Mononoke

I have to say, this movie was nothing short of amazing. Being a total music geek, of course I was drooling over the soundtrack the entire movie. Not only is the music gorgeous, but so is the art, and the storyline. A lot of people view Lady Eboshi as being evil, and Princess Mononoke as being good, but I do not believe that is how the movie was meant to be viewed. While Princess Mononoke IS fighting for the forest, she has no problem killing people from Irontown, much like Lady Eboshi with the spirits of the forest. Ashitaka plays the peacemaker in this movie, the one who truly realizes that these people and spirits, COULD live in harmony.

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KiraRin Nov 26, 2010

Hi and welcome to the site!

User reviews are a great way to get your feelings about a show heard, so I hope you start writing and helping out this great community!