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unitzero says...


where did you find all 21 episodes of Letter Bee Academy? I've only found 3.


Jan 23, 2011
Panchis says...

We are the only ones who hate Mio and Azusa xD

Jul 24, 2010
Menchi says...

Really, well that's good to know so I'm not expecting the ova to be any major masterpiece ^^

Jul 10, 2010
Menchi says...

Indeed! I liked Hanyuu too, because she was so... different I guess :) But all in all, the whole series was just plain awesomeness, I still have to watch the OVA to get a closure ^^

Jul 10, 2010
Menchi says...

Another Rena fan, eh? I like her too, my first cosplay (finished this spring) was of Rena and I'm about to cosplay as her for the third time this weekend. I just love the dress, the first time I saw it in the anime I thought to myself "One day, I'm going to cosplay that, that's a promise!" :3

Anywho, I like your avatar too, it's pretty!

Jun 30, 2010