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Hello! ^_^

ok... so... A little about me..

Im 16 years old, and I LOVE anime.

Well...  That's it~! =P

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Allywa Jun 9, 2010

Hiya! I just joined this site and I've been looking around to find new anime to watch and I saw that we have a lot in common- Kanon (2006) is my absolute FAVORITE anime! I've watched Howl's Moving Castle a million times and Princess Mononoke once, but loved them both :D I watched Ouran High School Host Club a few years ago and it was pretty cool too :)

kyuuketsukii Jun 12, 2009

Hey, lol hmm vampire knight is an offence towards vampires, and don't be afraid to bother me, thanks for the comment. : )

Mononoke hime is just awesome, i love alot of ghibili films.

I've only seen Lovely complex in your top 5, and the first few episdoes of Kanon, lovely complex was pretty funny ^^ , cant remember why i stopped watching Kanon though.

JJDun799 Jun 11, 2009

Haha, well it's pretty simple. In hopes of finding new animes I sift through the genres I like, but I'd rather not watch anything from before 2000 or so, and the others just don't sound too interesting. After reading the description and looking at the screens, I'll mark it as Won't Watch so I don't have to read it again ^_^

XBIOSX Apr 15, 2009

LOL, I'm currently watching vampire Knight and Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae as you can see on my "watching" tab.

I am patiently awaiting upon the fan suber (not sure if that's a word lol) I  currently obtain my episodes from to finish subing all the episodes of vampire knight,  I don't really like waiting in between episodes, it kind of makes the story feel disjointed.

the fan suber that I obtain Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae from are slow as hell, but the quality good and they subbed all the other seasons I've watched, I like sticking with the same Subbing group but that's just me XD.

By the way I see you like romance anime, do you mind if I ask you any recommendations in the future XD?

xRushStyle Apr 15, 2009

Cute avatar. So, so cute. <3