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well ther's not much to say but err im obsessed with japan,i love anime and manga i got into to it because of my brother, fruits basket was the first manga i read and pokemon was the first anime i watched( i think).i've been drawing manga since i was 10 im getting pretty good if i say so myself <------(bigheaded much hahaha)

well i like: i hate:

okaii taku has totallii turnd dark all thnx 2 a certain person calld luichi [x] thnx

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LuChi Jan 2, 2008

lol, well that's a relief XP

and i don't only talk whit girls online, sometimes also guys, i'm afraid you're right on the perv thingy though >_< but in a good way =D atleast i tell myself that XP

haha, you wish XP but in the first place she's just a good friend so no worries ;)

and ain't you high & hyper like all the fuckinh time? XP

i feel damn lazy again, but a little bit high too and that makes the first thingy even worse XP

LuChi Jan 1, 2008

oh those piercings, lol, actually i don't have any piercings yet XP

i'm planning on getting a snake bite, nothing else, and not on in the middle of my lips too, only the too sides, and i would never be able to compeat against an awesome anime guy anyway XP

hawaii? to damn hot if you ask me XP

and naaah, surfing, too much water XP

snowboarding, that's awesome, the last time i did it i almost broke my arm bc my boot was coming loose, i wanted to turn and made a dubbel frontflip XP

i like the idear of surfing girls more then snowboarding ones though XD

oh oh, i'll have to see that i learn some self defense then for when you come over =O

altough, i probably won't even feel you're shiny martial-arts kickies so fuck that XP

noo, you're gone again =(

lol, i promise i won't get depressed XP becides, in two days a friend of mine (a freakin hot girl XD) returns from her little vacation so i'll probably go crazy anyway XP

but no worries, no need to be jaleous, i'll start talking to you again when you return XD

and a HAPPY NEW YEAR too you to ;)

LuChi Dec 30, 2007

we steal a bit from every western country actually XP

also from the US and the UK, but mostly from France and the Nethearlands, couse those are the countries Belgium used to be part of, but it's a bit complicated, to hard for you XP

oh nows, you noticed =O


lol, yeah, most girls are pretty bad at insulting, usually they kick me or something, and that's exectly what you want to do, ain't i right XP

well, atleast you got 3 good things you could come up whit, i don't think i would come up with so manny things, seriously, France just sucks, the only place a really enjoyed going on vacation to so far was London XD

fucking awesome city XD

but then again, i haven't been to Japan yet so, untill then London is my number one XP

and Belgium isn't that wicked, way better then France though, here only half of our country speaks french so you just have to see that you don't end up in that half of the country XP

and what's the last thingy about piercings? better than what exectly? you'll have toexplain that a little better XP

LuChi Dec 28, 2007

yeah, and it gets worse every day XP and i think you spell it like this "schedule" so no "a" XP and i have no idear what you mean whit the greyhound thingy but it sounds funny XP

lol, seems like you know totally nothing of France XP and "bounjour" means "hello", just so you know ;) and actually you can buy wine in most Belgiuan cafes too XP we've learned a lot of bad things from the french when Belgium was a part of France, more than 200 year back XP

about the sarcasme thingy,read some of your comments and think about it for a while, yep, i'm damned to hell XP

thankies ^^ have a great neaw year too ;) i hope you're time in France was a little fun, but it doesn't really sounds like that does it XP only the french bread and the honey XP

p.s. well, i actually didn't noticed you had a new sig XP it looks nice, love the piercings XD but ofcourse mines better XD lol XP thanx ^^

LuChi Dec 25, 2007

lol, well actually i am terribly lazy XPbut it's all bc my sleeping habits are pretty fucked up,and in vacation periods that gets even worse XPlike yesterday i went to bed at 3:30,and that was actually pretty fast,2 days ago it was 5:00 XPyeah, and then i sleep till12:00, couse ya know,8:00, i don't think i would have enough whit 3 hours of sleep XP

hey, i ate french bread too today =Dwe Belgians can make those quite proper ourselves XDand the funniest thing is,in France they have like 10 different sorts of those breads,and they're just called "baggets", that's nothing more then bread in french XPthey always laupgh whit people that ask for "un bagget francaiçe" then they'll say something like,well, make your choice,we only have french breads,and then the only things that comes up is "fucking french"but yeah, those breads or called french breads bc the french our famous for it,you always say such intelligent things,waw, i'm so impressed XP

and yeah, you sound pretty fucked up actually,must be that fresh french air XP

and french bread, honey and money?well, i don't think we want a pooh bear hanging around then,could get nasty otherwise XP

Merry Chrismass btw ^^