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about me

well ther's not much to say but err im obsessed with japan,i love anime and manga i got into to it because of my brother, fruits basket was the first manga i read and pokemon was the first anime i watched( i think).i've been drawing manga since i was 10 im getting pretty good if i say so myself <------(bigheaded much hahaha)

well i like:
  • drawing,
  • photography,
  • art,
  • boys
  • dogs
  • i guess i like my boys too
  • i also like using words that make me sound smart (but i don'y really understand them hahahha)
  • dark stuff
  • nd my fav color is blk nd red
i hate:
  • egotistical people
  • cats
  • idiots

okaii taku has totallii turnd dark all thnx 2 a certain person calld luichi [x] thnx

my life spent on anime

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  • 0 Years

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i characters


closest place 2 hell heh heh

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September 24, 2007

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October 1, 2008

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LuChi avatar LuChi


Jan 17, 2008

aww, taku feeling sad? =(

*gives you a little huggy and a kissy*

here ya go ^^ feeling beeter now? =]

now don't go too emo on me okays?

i like emo's, but only happy ones, but that doesn't makes any sence does it XP


maybe you should strat cutting yourself, if you aren't doing that already atleast XP

but now i'm being a bit like you're bro ain't I, being a dick XP

wait, i got something that might chear you up, a nice little crazy anime just for you XD (still no Shugo Chara! dammit!! >_<)

Grrl Power 1/3

Grrl Power 2/3

Grrl Power 3/3 (End)

 love the new avy btw XD

(and i see i ain't the only one you told that you were back, you told yourself again too, you got a serious prob you know, talking to you're self and stuff XP)


LuChi avatar LuChi


Jan 16, 2008


have you been back for a while?

i haven't checked my e-mail in a couple of days so,

and still no new subbed Shugo Chara! eps =(

but now atleast you're back, not that that's gonna help much but still XP

twinkles88 avatar twinkles88

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 11, 2008

ty =] i love ur sig and avatar as well

Dyroragon avatar Dyroragon

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 11, 2008

i love yours too

taku avatar taku


Jan 11, 2008


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