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well ther's not much to say but err im obsessed with japan,i love anime and manga i got into to it because of my brother, fruits basket was the first manga i read and pokemon was the first anime i watched( i think).i've been drawing manga since i was 10 im getting pretty good if i say so myself <------(bigheaded much hahaha)

well i like: i hate:

okaii taku has totallii turnd dark all thnx 2 a certain person calld luichi [x] thnx

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LuChi Jan 24, 2008

lol, well i thought about you yesterday didn't i,

that's atleast one guy thinking about you XP

and look at that, those boys are thining about you too, probably,

and that's what ya get, wannabe emo's are always popular XP

damn, it looks like you're pretty damn bored atm,

all those special thingies XP

WUSSY!! XD needles are nothing to be scared of,

i just goes through you're skin into you're blood and then out again,

no big deal at all ^^

but i ain't helping at all ain't i XP

bwah, you'll be fine, but remember you'll have to cry afterwarts couse you're a wannabe emo XD

lol, i like that kirbii dance ^^

i have no idear what it looks like but i like it XP

and did you post that hole comment again just to put FAMILII at the end?! XP

silly girl, you can edit your comment you know XP


LuChi Jan 23, 2008

hey, that's weird, i didn't get an e-mail notification for this one,

i said to myself, let me just check on taku, it's been to long whitout a reply,

and look at this,  you already replied 4 days ago, crap >_<

lucky me that i thought about you today aotherwise it would probably have taken even longer,

and yeah, ain't i damn sweet XD


and ofcourse BMX is awesome, my bro does it,

we got a family reuppation to hold high ya know,

lol, nah not really, would be a damn crappy reputation if we did XP

i hope you're all beter by now, it's always nice to hear by bad jokes actually work XP

lol, yeah, you're weird and insane and you talk about random crap all the fucking time!! (but for a change not hyper XP)

but i think that's what i like about you, and you can't say i never talk about random crap, but really, is there anything better to talk about? i don't think so, random crap is always fun XD


taku Jan 20, 2008

*points at self* WANNA BE EMO >.>

LuChi Jan 20, 2008

NO! =o really?

but i do think you say just a bit more crap then me most of the time XP

and you skate? awesome =D

i don't XP

my bro does though, but more BMX than skatboarding,

i'm to damn lazy for that XP

lol, well, a friend told me once that i look like an awesome guy that goes out a lot and stuff but that most things i do in my free time make me a nerd XP

but that friend doesn't really knows me that well so XP

and i actually imagine you like a total wannabe emo XP

lol, it is isn't it XD

but i only do it in messages to a girl i like, just so you know ^^



LuChi Jan 18, 2008

well atleat you're feeling a bit better =]

and you're welcome ;)

the emo thingy was meant as a compliment btw, in your case atleast XP

yetserday i did a test on Facebook "What looser are you?"

i came out as a Wannabee emo, lol, i immediatly did it over, changed one answer and i became a Nerd XP

fucked up tests if you ask me XP

you probably end up as wannabee too XP


i know whta you should do,

get out of your house and meet some peeps, make new friends that live closer to you than Belgium XP you'll be a lot less depressed, that's what i try to do, but it ain't working out that good, i'm to damn lazy to get my ass out off the house a lot XP

baaah, i'm shitting about a lot of nonsens again ain't I?

3:15 am, damn i'm tired XP

i think i'm gonna wath some anime and then go to bed, there isn't coming a lot of usefull shit out of my mouth anyway, not that there is when i'm not tired but that doesn't matters now XP

byes, till tomorrow XD

xxx (a girl made me do this x thingy and now i'm doing it everywere, lol XP)