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well ther's not much to say but err im obsessed with japan,i love anime and manga i got into to it because of my brother, fruits basket was the first manga i read and pokemon was the first anime i watched( i think).i've been drawing manga since i was 10 im getting pretty good if i say so myself <------(bigheaded much hahaha)

well i like: i hate:

okaii taku has totallii turnd dark all thnx 2 a certain person calld luichi [x] thnx

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ostrak says...

At first hello)

I'm not really wathcing it, just forot to make status "Dropped" )


 hehe, you have very interesting top 5 anime) Kind of emotional or something like that)

Sep 29, 2007
Groove says...


Thanks, you got nice profile your self, a little bit too much shoujo for my taste though.

You might want to check out Boys Over Flowers. 

Sep 29, 2007
Filippo says...

I only watch the Conan movies and then i read the other stuff^^

i just love every little mystery!

Who is your favourite character?

Sep 28, 2007
Filippo says...

thank you^^

i love conan^^ Do you like it aswell?

Sep 28, 2007
animegirl93 says...

i luv da 1st n 2nd on ur top 5

n im gona try da 5th

i hope its gd

gd luck xxxxxxxx

Sep 25, 2007