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well ther's not much to say but err im obsessed with japan,i love anime and manga i got into to it because of my brother, fruits basket was the first manga i read and pokemon was the first anime i watched( i think).i've been drawing manga since i was 10 im getting pretty good if i say so myself <------(bigheaded much hahaha)

well i like: i hate:

okaii taku has totallii turnd dark all thnx 2 a certain person calld luichi [x] thnx

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LuChi Oct 2, 2008

hey there's, long time no talk!yeah, this new version rocks hell! xDi'm glad it finally got up,cause the beta version sucked ass if you ask me! xPhows you?

LuChi Jun 16, 2008

well hellows to you too! xDand where excectly has the crazy biatch (<you) landed? xP

sothis Apr 4, 2008

Hi taku! Just wanted to let you know it looks like your avatar got messed up somehow.. you might wanna make a new one :D


DisturbedMind Apr 2, 2008


Wasn't that great any way :D  

DisturbedMind Mar 30, 2008

Hi me again =)

my account got lost =(

any way I was wondering why "Angel Sanctuary"

is on ur won't watch list ?