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Yeah, I don't really watch animay... Tho I herd Narooto was pretty good. Amirite?

I like tattoos, yup, that's me off to the right there... and I like sex. Mmm, gotta love sex. I think that's why I don't watch animay... I'm always too busy having sex! The reasoning might be reversed here, it may be that I'm having sex because I don't watch animay... but I'm not quite sure. I've very typical and commonplace and nothing special. Unlike you. Who is a super cool wizard-like alchemist who can fight like a ninja. Nope, nothing like it. Just a regular nerd who loves GETTIN' IT ON! WHOOYEAH! YEAH!!! YEAAAAAA!!!!!

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Toronto, Canada

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May 9, 2007

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August 15, 2007

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Oct 31, 2007

Is this taiyaki? o_o where have you been!

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