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20 REAL romance anime in order of highest concentration/purity

I like romance anime. Proper, genuine romance anime, without harem or ecchi. This list contains good anime which imho has lots of proper romance. It is not necessarily a ranking of how good something is in general (i.e. if this list was continued, Ano Hana or Eureka Seven would be around 30th, Working!! or Angel Beats would take about 40th and Evangelion, Spirited Away or Haruhi around 9001th). Titles placed near the top are highly romance-centered and have and none or minimal harem or ecchi. Titles towards the bottom do have romance (though less prominent) and may contain some harem, ecchi, love triangles and all the other mess.


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Bilurpg Jan 6, 2017

Why no Garden of Words?

alice8 Sep 19, 2016

Love this list. Have to check out some of this, thanks :D

tjakayuki May 19, 2016

Gauxel, the word you're looking for is "analyses".

gauxel Apr 4, 2016

Nice list you have here. You have such good tastes and analytics (is that a preferable word?).