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Well hi, I'm Sydney :]

I loveee anime. I'm a pretty new fan, and I started briefly when I was about 10 watching crappy stuff like Dragon Ball Z and Tenchi Muyo. Now I enjoy most horror, drama and some comedy anime.

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HikaruTenshi May 26, 2010

and Nice avatar you got there. ^_^


sothis May 25, 2008

It's Marumi from Paranoia Agent - really recommend it if you are into trippy anime. ^_^

wickedshizuku May 23, 2008

You're welcome.

Another good one that I've watched is Peach Girl. The drama just about drives you to madness, but leaves you with a satisfied feeling after you finish watching it.

Take care,

wicked shizuku 

sothis May 21, 2008

Cuuuute avatar! XD I love Makoto Shinkai

wickedshizuku May 12, 2008

hi there! how ya doing?

I saw that you put me on your fav. user list, and thought I would check out your profile. Why, I'm not that cool?

Right now though, I can tell you Nana and Escaflowne  is excellent. You must be pretty new to anime. Take a look at what I've watched, and try out all my 5 stars.

I have a line in my profile that all otaku should follow, and here it is.

When I watch a new anime. I forget everything I've ever seen so that I may give an unbiased opinion. Don't compare them until you've watched the whole thing, because you just might miss something.

Sorry for my short little rant on your page. Gomen.

take care,

wicked shizuku

p.s. don't be afraid to reply, I promise I won't bite.

p.s.s.BTW I loved Ouran to no end as well