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watched - today


Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu

ep 18

the plot thickens with Ferris ERIS finding Ryner LUTE after his disappearance last episode. there meeting leads to a destroyed restaurent and a mass murder finding ryner. the mass murder is being chased by the army lead by Sion ASTAL the hero king. the army is soon apon the murder shoting arrows almost hitting ryner and ferris who are still with him. the mass murder then goes and eats one of the soliders to heal his wounds. then after calling ryner a monster like him he ask ryner to join him. ryner does leaving ferris and sion behind.

 rated 10/10

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2

ep 14

after the death Shirley FENETTE (supposdly cominting suicide ) Lelouch LAMPEROUGE has a plan to end the ones who have geass leaving him to be the only one left. the plan secedes. but Lelouch LAMPEROUGE is pulled into a world of clouds where he has to face is father  Charles ZI BRITANNIA. meanwhile Kallen STADTFELD gets to speak withNunnally .

 rated : 8/10


ep 15

Kimihiro WATANUKI and Shizuka DOUMEKI go on a date with the twins. when on of the twins gets a weird injurory on her forhead. tyhey find that she is bound by words her sister says trying to protect her 

rated : 6/10


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