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Panta Dec 18, 2013

It's funny that you can't even realize how obnoxious you sound. Also, angry? Pfft, you're not worth my anger. You're just another insignificant bigot I enjoy toying with.

You support LGBT? You also clearly don't give a shit about women or the culture and beliefs of a billion people. Good job on being tolerant and accepting, you really proved yourself a paragon of forward-thinking and altruism there.

You've proven yourself to be racist, sexist, and ignorant, I'm already the better person, and calling you a cunt is just pointing out the obvious based on former evidence. Someone who fails to see their own small-minded intolerance while claiming to be accepting is just hilarious.

That's the true definition of hypocrite.

Panta Dec 17, 2013

So narrow-minded, bigotted, prejudiced, sexist, racist, and strongly suggesting that you support rape fantasy.

So glad you took your time to call me the bad one and prove to everyone how much of a cunt you are :3

Panta Dec 16, 2013

Let's get this straight: I have countered your arguement succinctly and in totality, however, you have failed to grasp the nuances of the English language and infer from my posts the point of them.

What I'm about to say has already been said multiple times in my previous posts, so I'll only say it once more: rape fantasy doesn't increase rape rate, romance doesn't increase rape. We on the same wavelength? Good. Because what I said, what you failed to grasp, is that rape fantasies in media format or rape PORTRAYED as romantic is demeaning and hurtful. Not "romance is rape", but "rape as romance", is the problem.If you still want to argue like an asinine fool after I've made it THAT clear then I have nothing more to say.

Rape fantasy doesn't increase rape, but it does lessen the seriousness of a horrible crime in the minds of society. I've given you examples of our UK judiciary and crown courts taking rape cases too lightly - those incidents can be correlated either directly or indirectly to influences from media and social stigma. When people adhere to conservative values of the 60's and 70's - where women were seen as inferior - you have a troubling consequence of misogyny and sexism today.

It's a serious problem, and a show like Diabolik Lovers only enforces the idea that sexual violence towards women is warranted and justified. You've already said that the abuse is romantic, that Yui's suffering is in any way wanted. From what I saw she was a scared, young girl, constantly abused on a daily basis. I've already commented on the absurdity of the writing and how poor it is so you can go back to read that.

Now, just so we're clear, and you're not already brewing up another nonsensical response: Rape fantasy doesn't cause rape. Rape as romantic doesn't cause rape. Rape portrayed as romantic enables the idea that women secretly want it, ergo rape in reality is treated less seriously. Diabolik Lovers is a mockery of all women and rape victims, it's horribly misogynistic and poorly written. There. Try not to twist what I've said in the next few seconds.

1. It's spelled "Muslim" for a start. And I believe you would use the noun "Islam" in your sentence. Islam banned porn, but Islam also teaches that women are inferior. Countries like Saudi Arabia have a high rate of sexual violence towards women because they have far less rights than the man. Marital rape is considered impossible.

2. They also have a lot of sexism towards women. We've already covered that rape fantasy = rape so this is moot.

3. And something like Diabolik Lovers is okay, how? Why should we allow the glorifying of a violent and disgusting crime? Our access to global media has provided misogynistic asshats to spread their bigotry.

4. Again, I never inferred that fantasy media has a direct correlation to the act. Violent movies don't glorify their violence, although if they do, we're smart enough to know that killing someone is morally bad. We're conditioned to think like that, just as history has conditioned us to believe that women are secondary to men. Violent movies don't cause violence the same as rape in movies doesn't cause rape, but portraying rape as romantic is absurd and perpetuates the false belief that it's okay to treat women that way, in a society rife with sexism and male alpha dominance.

5. Not arguing that, I agree with it, what's your point?

6. Because I'm only one woman. You think I can reform an institute run by the power elite? Pfft. I AM doing something about it; I campaign, I spread the word, I get involved in debates and try to instill and provoke some thought in people who otherwise may never have thought seriously about these subjects.

So no, I'm not missing your point. You're a classical bigot and I think you just created this account to troll the critics of your precious rape fantasy. If you can't see why so many people have a problem with this show, go read through this thread (http://www.anime-planet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=197012), and if you still can't understand then there's no point debating this.

Etue Dec 15, 2013

Please don't bother trying to justify an anime promoting rape. Despite it being a turn on for you anything promoting rape in the eyes of people that are not turned on by the rape fantasy will always be viewed as something immoral. Rape fantasies are unhealthy and shouldn't be promoted in public, especially in a society where the rape of women leads to pychological issues for the victims. The very fact that implied rape excites you in such a way is disturbing to most people and therefore you may want to consider yourself abnormal. As such you must note that that your view of the material you are discussing is the abnormal one and therefore in most cases will be viewed as the wrong opinion despite you trying to justify it this is a fact that will not change. People will hate what they hate and like what they like and their reasons for doing so are not less valid than your own. I find rape fantasies discusting and as such it disgusts me to have to type this to someone who cannot see why people judge it and any material promoting it so harshly. I've said everythign I wanted to, I'd rather not have you post on my profile page, Thank you.

Panta Dec 15, 2013

At the moment in writing this I'm considering if it's even worth replying to you. You obviously missed the entire point I'm making and favour ad hominems against me.

To start with, let's look at the central problem Diabolik Lovers presents: it promotes rape. Unlike the way a crime novel displays murder as a wrongful act, and is seen as despicable in the language and narration, Diabolik Lovers ENDORSES and ADVOCATES rape and misogyny. It is actively written in the style that communicates with its audience that girls secretly like being raped, and this somehow justifies it in a society that is already negligent when dealing with these cases.

As an example, the UK judiciary courts routinely throw out rape cases because the victim was "too beautiful," or "wearing seductive clothing." This is a direct consequence of media, like Diabolik Lovers, promoting the idea that it's okay to sexually abuse and denigrate women. DL is not the sole case, it is just a small part of a bigger and widening problem that people either ignore, do little about, or, as in your case, mock and insult those trying to fight for basic and equal rights as a human being.

I'm not asking the Japanese to respect OUR culture, I'm asking anyone who's ever had a notion to make something like DL to consider the impact it has. By romanticising sexual violence it paves the way for young minds who watch it - like yours - to consider that behaviour as acceptable and not worth their time.

I respect people's fantasies, I don't respect people who think rape should be romanticised. Why should it? In the same way that people fantasize about murdering and eating people's livers, should I respect that too? Or how about stalking? Harrassing? Assaulting? I suppose these should all be respected by your logic? So you shouldn't complain then if someone raped you in a dark alley and forced you to live with the multitude of mental scarring and fear for the rest of your life. Don't forget all the rape victims that committed suicide.

But, again, someone was just having fun with their fantasy when they abused and traumatized their victim? And everyone should respect that! Fuck you. This is exactly what Diabolik Lovers promotes, and why it and your opinion are horrible.

In the case of forgetting that good feminists exist, that's all on you and your bigotry.

It's fine to make a show about rape, but not if you're going to promote it as romantic, in the same way crime novels don't glorify murder. If Diabolik Lovers is going to be a show about rape, it failed to realistically show the trauma a young, impressionable girl like Yui would experience. She experience little to nothing that a true victim in her place would. It's absurd, misogynistic, and despicable that the writers think every girl would react in that way.

Your last paragraph overshot logic completely. As I've explained above, and countless times in other posts, Diabolik Lovers promotes rape as romantic, and just like a rape joke it normalizes in society the idea that rape isn't serious, that there is no underlying and life-long suffering for the victim. No, it doesn't cause people to go out and rape, that's a stupid assertation, and I'll thank you kindly for considering me smarter than that. But it does devalue a horrific crime to something that's not as important as what's on the front page news. Rapists getting community service, rather than prison sentences, or even a slap on the wrist, happens in both America and the UK, because women are viewed as sex objects, and as much a victim they are also regarded as guilty for wearing too little clothing or too much make-up. The term, "she was asking for it," is a common phrase in first-world countries.

If you can't see the problem after reading this then don't even bother to reply, I won't waste my time on your bigotry any longer. Also, as a writer, I understand these concepts a lot better than you do.