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My Name is Suheil Yassin. I'm 19, a student in the American University of Madaba living in Amman, Jordan.

Now, my identity is a f****** mess. I'm born to Palestinian parents (obviously never been there), born in the USA, raised in Jordan and Libya (yes, LIBYA), then studying back here again. I can give a more complex lecture, but I won't, since you, the no-life reader who's reading this, is merely reading this for your own entertainment and don't give a damn. I'll give a bit of info about myself:

1)- I'm not your average Arab. In other words, if you came here thinking that I will lecture you about religion and whatnot be surprised, because I don't care about that stuff.
2)- If the first point wasn't a big enough give away, I'm agnostic/atheist/Muslim. Actually,even I don't really know what my beliefs are, but neither do I care, since I believe that all people have the right to believe in whatever they want SO LONG AS THEY DON'T HURT OTHERS OR THEMSELVES.
3)- I'm a moody person. In other words, I'm a complete optimist one moment, pessimist the next.
4)- I can watch any genre (except for most harems and ALL hentai), so don't be scared to recommend any anime to me.
5)- My ambition is to be a novelist. 
6)- I'd love to meet any anime fans in real life; alternatively, you can skype me at suheil.yass if you want to have a discussion.
7)- I like playing JRPGs (SMT, Tales, Disgaea, Kingdom Hearts) so don't be scared to recommend those either.
8)- I like discussions. However, please DO NOT swear at me in a discussion. It renders your point useless to me and anyone reading your comment.
9)- I read visual novels; unfortunately, I don't prioritize them. Feel free to suggest some if you want, though.
10) In case you're still reading this, please note that I accept any requests. I don't care (this is the internet anyway) about whether or not you had a convo with me. If you need help, I'll help you out; I'm not one of those dumb "elitists" who pick the people they talk with (when it's anime anyway, though sometimes...).

My rating standards are as follow:

10 - Absolutely enthralling. A series with few to no flaws, or a series I enjoyed so much that no matter how many flaws they have, I completely feel immersed in the series every time I to watch it. High re-watch value and easy to recommend to most people.
9 - A series that may be as good or even better than some of the series I rated 10; however, something stood in the way of me giving it a 10. Not as enjoyable in my eyes as a 10, but still highly recommended.
8 - Quality series that I felt immersed from start to finish, with some notable flaws that stop me from giving it a higher rating. Lower than this is the point where I stop considering trying to recommend it to other people.
7 - Above average series with major flaws. Series that I felt had something going for them, but something went...wrong along the way.
6 - Meh at best, I somehow finished this and I don't regret it, but from this point downwards, unless it's some kind of masochistic kind of bad, re-watching the series becomes more of a pain more than anything else. Series with this rating may have some moments that are amazing and with re-watch value, mind you, but there's a lot of content that is unimportant and passable.
5 - Absolutely mediocre and average, this point downwards is where I don't want to ever see this series on someone's favorites.
4 - Terrible experience, I was so bored that I may have started skipping minutes of the episode only to discover that nothing of note was happening.
3 - Horrific, terrible, disgusting. Any kind of enjoyment from this point downwards comes from some kind of masochism. This point downwards, and I don't want to see people giving decent ratings to this crap.
2 - Almost a complete abomination with nothing redeemable whatsoever.
1 - *shoots himself*

Please do note that my ratings are purely subjective. I do not care if you think I should raise or lower my standards, I rate how I want and that's all there is to it. 
If there are any inquiries as to why I rated something as I did, please ask me or PM me in a polite and civil manner; fan boy behavior will be deemed as trolling and removed. Thank you. 

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