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Can't read online!! :(

Ikumen After (2 dads) * Jigoku Yuki Bus * Oishii Otoko * Ikusen no Yoru * Acchi to Kocchi * Shinjo-kun to Sasahara-kun * Tonari no * Adult Teacher wa Osuki? * Oo-maji * after morning love * ookami no ketsuzoku * Papa no Koibito * Ashita kara Mou Ichido *


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UsagiDandere Jul 24, 2016

Hey, good news! You can watch Samejima-kun on YouTube with the DRAMA CD included, hell yeah! I really recommend it btw, it was awesome xDDD

(P.S. Sorry if this isn't new info for ya, hope you have a nice day either way)