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Unique/EEH?? Manga Premises

Started this list after I read Yumemiru Koto because it was so INTERESTING premis-wise--Hoshino sensei wanted to go in a different direction, and I appreciated that. Soooo here is the list of mangas I thought/think have interesting premises/premises that freshen traditional mangas. for example: Fruits Basket. I just clicked on it bc it sounded ridiculous. Hug somebody and they turn into a zodiac animal?? LMAO da fuqqqq?? and it actually turned out great :)

  1. Antique Romance
  2. Clean-Freak Fully-Equipped
  3. A Bride's Story
  4. Renai Nenrei
  5. Yumemiru Koto
  6. Youko x Boku SS
  7. Fruits Basket
  8. Gokusen