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Well I've been watching anime for awhile and have often used this website to consider what to watch next. I've found that the popular, anime-of-the-minutes, often don't agree with me. Not a shounen fan. I get bored really easily, so any anime that can get me to watch the entire way through has to be really captivating. I really don't enjoy watching anything with violence, dark romance (like bokura ga ita or school days) and basically anything that makes me feel depressed. On the other hand, happy, romance comedies are like my favourite (yes slightly shallow but oh well). I am now on the hunt for an anime that can better Ouran. Wish me luck.

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sothis Oct 12, 2007

Good job with your first rec pair! :D I hope you do more in the future. ^_^ PS: fill out your profile sometime!

~sothis, webmistress