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pkmnmaster88 says...

What've you been up to?

Oct 16, 2014
Kokoro911 says...

Ah, well that's good to hear :D

I bet having too much free time would get boring after a while, though. When I have it I kind of just sit around thinking about what to do or just listening to music all day and wasting it haha

I'm just an Asian Studies major for now. 


Oct 12, 2014
Kokoro911 says...

Hi there! ^-^ I'm alright. Hope you're good as well :)I'm back at uni now so mostly I've been studying a lot, reading a bunch of stuff, completing homework, etc. Not all the time, though. I'm probably not as busy as I might seem :DHow about you? 

Sep 30, 2014
pkmnmaster88 says...

I beat FF13 today, although i've already beat it before. So it's a bit underwhelming, lol. In terms of what Anime I wannna watch, let's see....

I wanna finish...

Chihayafuru 2

And watch:

No Matter How I Look At It; It's You're Guys Fault I'm UnpopularI Couldn't Become

A Hero; So I Reluctantly Got A Job

The Devil Is A Part-Timer

Apr 22, 2014
pkmnmaster88 says...

The job is pretty fun, i'm actually trying to juggle two jobs at the moment to keep up with bills. Being an adult sucks. :PI've been keeping up with Naruto and Bleach manga, but other than that I haven't done too much with anime/manga. I went through yesterday and looked at some anime I want to watch, in the near future.Today I have off, but I've dedicated it to beating FF13, but i'll at least stay on the forums and try to interact. :x 

Apr 22, 2014