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My favorite anime types (not that all anime can be categorized):
(1) Ones with multi-faceted characters, interesting themes, and real consequences for choices. (Monster, Onii-sama e, Ef ~ Tale of Melodies, Madoka, Steins;Gate)
(2) Pleasant and joyful anime with simple themes and a "nice" overall feel. (Kobato, Aria Series, Kamichu, Hidamari, Manabi Straight)
(3) Shojou in which the characters are wonderful and there's no such thing as fanservice. (Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kimi ni Todoke, Special A, Maria-sama ga Miteru)

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NeoAznMonkey Jan 29, 2011

also, tht link I gave you before, this guy makes AMAZING MUSIKKK!!!!!


well he doesnt really MAKE it but he... you know what I mean.

NeoAznMonkey Jan 29, 2011

Well Amagami SS doesn't have Love Triangles. It has different arcs. Where it focuses on 1 girl and then another and so on. Sort of like clannad... but it restarts everytime. Im telling you this so you aren't as shocked as I was...

The Clannad Opening doesnt shock me as much. Maybe because I don't like the song AS much, or because it's been a bajillion years since I have watched Clannad. When I clicked on the link I read the title so I knew right away what it was, but I would have gotten that easily just by the sparkly light orbs in the begininng.

Yea, I installed Warcraft today. I remember almost everything, but my skills suck. I played against a computer(easy) and got rick rolled and ended up using cheats to win. Then I played on and it was VERY fun. Sigh I love warcraft3 just because the custom games have SO much variety in them. I think I would pass this game around because it would be fun to just have like and uber match. For Custom games there are SO many different things people have made. The last one I played was a Zombie thing where there are 9 humans (max depending on how many people join) and 2 zombies. Im not sure what the zombies do because I didnt play as them, but I assume they go around killing the human AI and recruit a legion of zombies. The point is for the humans to go around and survive by collecting weapons, building little bases (things with barricades and turrets) and surviving. There are a LOT of just random human AI doing nothing so I imagine they could easily recruit a large army. Also when a Player Human dies they becaome a zombie and I would assume you could play as the zombie as well.

EE would be MUCH more fun with more people. I think that when Tyus get's his installed we should have a 2v2. I think you should be on my team ;). Also Im thinking of passing around Warcraft3 to a couple people (you, Evan, maybe Ian Tyus ect) so we can have some Warcraft 3 fun. Also I was thinking of adding JungWoo and Rory into the mix of the RTS gaming squad.

Heard of Age of Empires? My Dad has the newest one (3) on a disk I could pass around. I havn't played it yet but I imagine it's exactly like Age of Empires 2 :D

Im currently watching Grenadier on the computer (if you don't count the ones im waiting on) and it's not the greatest, but it sure is entertaining. A girl with big boobs running around shooting a revolver, then somehow 6 bullets pop out of said boobs and she spins around and reloads her gun in mid air. Pretty entertaining, but the plot is "eh" \

Also Fate Stay Night is getting VERY good I would say. I don't know what else to say but it MAY get 5 stars depending on the ending.

I also stOLL the restaurant's keyboard, again, this one can hit 3+ keys at once. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NeoAznMonkey Jan 27, 2011

Its eating me up inside that you and Evan beat me in EE!! gasp.

also I can let you install Warcraft3 + frozen throne if you want. I think it would be the best choice because then I could host custom gaems and stuff which would be MUCH mor fun. The only downside is, Evan might not be able to play it on his com. He MIGHT be able to though cuz it is a fairly old game. but still. Also its a much better choice because its fantasy like, requires a good strategy but not hardcore strategy like Company of Heroes. Also another thing with taht is i would FORBID you to regester. because then on my computer I couldnt play it on (which is the online for it without using that gameranger)

Also the games wouldnt take 5 hours >:( (that EE game took SOOO long.)


anime wise I started watching Fate Stay night because I've seen so many things of it everywhere. including custom games on warcraft called Fate stay Night. SOOO... i decided lets watch nit on my ipod.

Which is another thing, I watch anime on my ipod moslty now because I dont hav much time to do so on the com. But I watch my newer anime on the com / ones that arent on Ipods and then i got my anime on the ipod. 2 lists going at the same time xD

most of the anime on my want to watch list isnt on the ipod because it has few selection so i mostly just pick a random one and watch. Hence why I would watch neo angelique.

Srry for not making you sprites. I need to have a class to do that or something. DROP EVERYTHING FOR FREE BLOCKS FOR SPRITE MAKING FOR NICK.

NeoAznMonkey Jan 24, 2011

First of all, I love this guy who I just remembered. His AMV's are pure genius.

could possibly contain spoilers, I doubt it thought, I havnt seen the anime.


Evan said, and I quote "Yo Brandon muh Home Dawggeh! Wuzzup! Gimme a piece of dat EMPIAH Earth! Then us home boys (me and you of course) can does the EMPIAH earth togethas."


It true i was there he said that. Anyways, Empire Earth 1 isnt that big of game and I was told that I should let you and  borrow the CD so we can play EE together.


your thinking "awesome lets DO IT, but Brandon, what about anime?"

Well Nick my friend, Don't worry, this is anime planet, I havn't forgotten to tell you whats new in my anime world.


how was badminton with you and Taylor... and Ian maybe.