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My favorite anime types (not that all anime can be categorized):
(1) Ones with multi-faceted characters, interesting themes, and real consequences for choices. (Monster, Onii-sama e, Ef ~ Tale of Melodies, Madoka, Steins;Gate)
(2) Pleasant and joyful anime with simple themes and a "nice" overall feel. (Kobato, Aria Series, Kamichu, Hidamari, Manabi Straight)
(3) Shojou in which the characters are wonderful and there's no such thing as fanservice. (Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kimi ni Todoke, Special A, Maria-sama ga Miteru)

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NeoAznMonkey Feb 9, 2011

quick comment B4 SCHOOL, i watched the eureka 7 ending again, got shivveries from BOKURANO and finished vampire + rosario (mixed it up)

NeoAznMonkey Feb 6, 2011

My Tablet are going good. I still need to INK and COLOR better though until im satisfied to show my work to anybody. Im currently on SEASON 2 of Romario + Vampire, which puts an EVEN BIGGER gab between you have watching 1/2 the anime I have. MUAHAHAHA! Also I'm also almost done Grenadier, which is still an eh anime. You think Suzaku was cheap? The main character in this anime can shoot guns out of people who are standing behind her's hands without even needing to look as well as having an infinite supply of bullets hidden in her chest somewhere, except for the episode *8? I think where she  runs out. I wont say how she got more, but it was stupid.

I forfeited the chess game because Evan was taking an infinite amount of time just to move his queen 1 square and I said this was dumb.

I could make the houses into some sort of TileSet so you could construct them yourself within the game, (I have an Idea how to do that since I was kind of doing that to construct them in Paint) that would allow you do make more variety of houses too without needding to upload a **** load of hosue sprites. That might ruin your house system though.

Was your dad at our restaurant today? (the date I commented) Because at work I think I saw him/heard him and was like, is that Nick's dad?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?! But I didnt check since I was working.

NeoAznMonkey Feb 4, 2011

Yea thats, whats her face on the character list...


so, im listening to Tori No Uta after listening to Aimo Aimo! I remember that Aimo is explained as "you" in the anime. Then I remember that its a love song. To the Vajra which are the aliens. I got shivers watching a scene on youtube... :D

So what is new in your anime world? How was all the anime you've watched in the last month? Like Haruka no Himitsu? (did i get the name right?) ect. ???

NeoAznMonkey Feb 2, 2011

during watching Break Blade episode 3 I thought, let's go to anime planet and respawnd to Nick's comment. So currently at this very moment in time (probably much later for you) I am commenting on the user known as Sunnyloop's main page as well as watching Break Blade. And let me say this... "ROFLSTOMP LOL HAX WHY DOESNT BREAK BLADE COME OUT WITH MORE EPISODES QUICKER!! RAAWR MONKEY!" Yea (see my indent there? perfect...grammar paragraphnes), regarding WC3,it doesn't have a huge learning curve. The basics are still there. *mine gold, harvest lumber, build a base, make units, attack ea other. The only difference is there is a slight MMO element to it. You can have heroes, up to 3 or something (usually people stick with 1 or 2) which have an inventory, spells and can level up. THere are also other units that have a spell or 2 that take up mana (mp). It's all pretty basic though. The custom games however, range from complicated to not complicated. Depending on the game, since it's alll made by the WC3 community. I'll bring it to school tomorrow and you can give it a try. (or we can play and I'll walk you through it a bit. In the regular games, there are also shops and creeps scattered around the map, which will help you level up your hero outside of attacking the enemy. There's also an armor/attack system, where some units have certain types of attacks that do more damage to certain types of armor. I don't pay attention to it very much when I play because I'm not that good yet. FATE STAY NIGHT... very awesome, I've already told you, and I have a VERY strong feeling that it's going to end in a somewhat sad way. Or at least it won't end the way I want it to. I'm hoping though. Also I wont say how it ended, cause of course SPOILERS. GRENADIER... havn't watched it in a while, I should but it's not really the best anime, but I do want to finish it, becaues its not bad either. Regarding my Tablet/AMV, I havn't done a ton. I've gotten only about 10 seconds in my AMV. I told you that it will fade to static and have a song cut to shorten it slighty. Since the song IS like 4minutes, the max I REALLY want it is 2:30 because that's a typical full length AMV which I havn't really done yet. My longest is like 1:20 I was however thinking of moving the static part forward because it happens within the first 10 seconds, which is kind of eh.. I think it should at least happen at 20s. MY tablet is AMAZING, it's just like drawing on paper, but I have yet to learn all the tools in Open Canvas and what they all do/how they work. Also I've seen that some people prefer Paint Tool Sai, so I'm going to look into that a bit. Also I want to bring my tablet to school one day, since we have 2 computer classes on day 1s I might bring it ... Friday question mark? (if its a day 1) Also you kiddies should come over again one day. We can have MOAR lan battles, if evan brought his xbox we could have LAND xbox battles, (i just realized i added a D).


I accidentally posted this on my wall... LAME. I click respond but then I missclick or something >:'(

also by this time BReak Blade episode 3 has ended. ARG its gonna be so long until the next one...

NeoAznMonkey Feb 1, 2011

So yo bro...

About that Angel Beats thing, I didn't pay attention to which oine was at 2:07, I assume it was

"I hear he's waiting for someone"

was that it?


That epicLawg makes me think... In the end of Angel Beats doesn't he meet her in life or something? Also it kind of makes me sad that he stays behind instead of passing on but its very much in his character. So I can see how that works.


Would you be willing to give warcraft 3 a try? I think it's pretty fun + the games take like 10-60 minutes. Not 10+ days....