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My favorite anime types (not that all anime can be categorized):
(1) Ones with multi-faceted characters, interesting themes, and real consequences for choices. (Monster, Onii-sama e, Ef ~ Tale of Melodies, Madoka, Steins;Gate)
(2) Pleasant and joyful anime with simple themes and a "nice" overall feel. (Kobato, Aria Series, Kamichu, Hidamari, Manabi Straight)
(3) Shojou in which the characters are wonderful and there's no such thing as fanservice. (Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kimi ni Todoke, Special A, Maria-sama ga Miteru)

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NeoAznMonkey Dec 30, 2010

BONUS COMMENT. Tengen Toppa doesn't make sense sometimes. BUT it makes it EVEN more EPIC: example non spoiler on the last episode one of the lines is "he quantum devided himself and converted it into RAW ENERGY!"


also i accidentally stumbled upon an image of 2011 spring anime.

Apparently there will be a Darker than Black 3 (YES)


FF4 the animation (idk but imma watch it)

Moyashimon 2... (yuk)

Gundam seed pale blue dot - (might watch it)

Code Geass Special (doesnt appeal to me but ill watch it)


While watching/listening to ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWA ( a song from Tengen Toppa which is !@#@!$@!#@!$@!#$ AMAZING!!)

I wanted a link to the picture and got this by accident

NeoAznMonkey Dec 30, 2010

AUGh i made a really long comment but i guess i failed to press submit. :'(

anyways, it would be awesome. Sure pick me up around 11. i've been sleeping in lately so its gonna be ahrd to get up. But its ok pick me up around 11 if thats ok. Ill bring my xbox and some games + my badminto stuf..

alos if you have a modem near your tv i have a 70ft ( i tink) long ethernet cable and we could play on xbox live.


the shakugan OVA's suck in my opinion.  The following is REALLY a spoiler, just saying what the plot of the OVA"s are. So if you dont wanna read this ignore the following Italicized words.

One of the OVA's is basically a mini version Yuuji (i think ) riding on Shana's head and/or the opposite way around. I basically just decided not to watch that. I watched like 2 seconds of it.

The second OVA is where they find one of the majic items things and they switch bodies. Or rather their spirits switch bodies. Basically I watched the begininng ans skippped to the end beacuse the middle is just a whole lot of uneeded randomness i found.

I think that's all i need to cover. ANyways PICKS meh ups tomORROW!

PS: srry for the roughly done comment. I had to type it out twice so i bascically just typed really fast without caring what came out.

NeoAznMonkey Dec 30, 2010

I'm pretty sure the epic ninja-maid / part-time Lelouch look-a-like was in on Zero Requiem. So was Jeremiah (the cyborg person) if I'm not mistaken. Instead of stopping Suzaku from killing Lelouch he kind of lets Suzaku jump on top of him. I might be wrong though.

Hyuk Hyuk... (it's about 10x better than lol) I hyuk hyuk'd at MKDD. You said SSBB on the gamecube? Isn't SSBB = Super Smash Bros Brawl, which is for wii? If you want I could bring the xbox and we could play Halo/CoD, and some others if I bring them.

As for Tengen Toppa, some things don't make sense in the anime, but it makes it more epic. (not a spoiler) In the last episode they're all like, "He quantum devided himself and converted it into RAW ENERGY!" Doesn't make much sense but it's so PRO it doesn't even matter. I love the series, I've watched the last episode about 3-4 times now.

Karas is pro... the AMV is okay in my eyes. It was like 1 month late from Evan's Birthday and very rushed since I uploaded it 1 day before leaving for Qwanoes CIT. The animation is extremely well done. There's a scene where he fights in the rain or something, can't really remember, it might have been in a sewer or something possibly. It's absolutely amazing the animation. Most of the clips used in the amv are from the opening as well.

SnoS is Shakuagan no Shana am I correct? If so, the ending of the first season might annoy you slightly, thankfully there's a second, and I somewhat wish there was a third.

Yea tomorrow would most likely work. I have no idea where you live though. Gimma the time and place and I'll most likely be there!

The... (what do you call it) the thing making sure your not a robot so you cant spam...

anyways I had to type in 9 and the first thing I though of was.. Neye-ING

NeoAznMonkey Dec 30, 2010

Yea, Code Geass is really popular it seems, and I always wondered why. To me it seemed like another typical mech anime with this guy in a weird suit and mask.Then I watched it and was speechless. I kept replaying the scenario in my head for the rest of the day. Then a couple days ago one of my asian friends (the cook at our restaurants son) said it would be better if Lelouch had lived. I told him that wouldnt make much sense to the anime, it would be happier but... ya know?

(the comments are getting so long that I have to go back and refer to your comment to make my response adequate.)

Free For All in Blops (COD black ops) is 8 people all against each other. First person to 30 kills wins. I did win 16 in a row... but I've lost a few now but my win streak is still going up for some reason. Glitch?

Arakawa Under the Bridge is freaking hilarious. Though yes it's pretty bizarre. I just randomly decided to watch it, having nothing to do and all, and it was really funny. There aren't many anime with people with star masks, kappa suits [(apparently its not a suit xD)you probably wont get that since you ahvnt watched it] and war crazy nuns. Though in Black Lagoon there are nuns who import weapons and sell them... but that's an entirely different anime which you probably wouldnt like.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's animation looks old? I never noticed. I checked the screen shots and they arently really the best scenes. Its a REALLY good action anime with a REALLY amazing ending, though its kind of obvious what happens. It basically has 2 parts to the anime as well. The first part, stuff happens. Then the second part is like 10 years in the future or something. It's REALLY good. It is actiony though so I dont expect you to watch it any time soon.

I'm so bad at making amvs. I have the skills and know how. When I listen to some music I imagine what anime would go well with it and I play out an amv in my head. I start working on it then ppphhht... I get 30 seconds done and get bored. I'm DETERMINED to finish this one though. As for programs I use Sony Vegas 10, which was new in october I think. I had 9 but thought I should upgrade. Downloading it gave me a !@#$ load of trouble since I got this really bad virus, but it's all good now. I also use (sorta) Adobe After Effects. It's more for small clips and adding really cool effects.

"Click ME" <--- that's the only AMV I have with ADobe After Effects within it. The first 10 seconds or so.

I havn't used it all that much. I also made a cool intro for our school video which is canceled due to the fact that we had no footage to use. Edius Neo SUCKS cough* cough*. AAE has a TON of add-ons which are REALLY cool too. If you wanna see what a pro can do with AAE check out and go to tutorials and preview the videos. It has some REALLY cool stuff on there.

I'd love to come over!!! We could be pro and watch some anime... >_>'

I had trouble trying to pronounce your Meddy Cudisimas.


male anime character :

ITIDAKI MAAAASUUUUU~~~~ (nomnomnomnomnom) its delicious!

femail anime character : Really!?! Ugata* (or something like that) *Im so glad


NeoAznMonkey Dec 28, 2010

Umm, I just got off Black Ops and if winning 16 Free For All matches in a row against the christmas noobs (christmas noobs are people who got the game for christmas, which seems to have been a lot of people since theres a ba-jillion new players on)

Shakugan no Shana..dark? what do you mean? Like all Hellish and stuff? If you mean what I think you mean then no it isnt. (not a spoiler) they just cast spells which makes where they have battles all reddish. *Fuhlame Hayzuh.

Yea the problem with the Ipod is that it only supports Youtube for videos. Other than that the video itself has to be connected to the app. Which Sadfaced me when I got to Neo Angelique and it failed to have subs.

I usually will check random sites if I want to know if there's any new seasons to anime, but I'll definatley check the Haruhi News Site. I REALLY want a new season of Full Metal Panic to come out, and Baka To Test, and I wish some of the other 13-15 episode animes I've watched had more episodes/seasons. I also was waitng on Sekirei, it got it's new season but there has to be another since the story isnt finished. (I just noticed the top thing searched is Ecchi I lol'd at 309. Alpha V 309.1......

On Crunchyroll I look at the most popular anime and i just select one. 2 of which happened to be Happiness and Neo Angelique, both of which I think are under 3 star rating on this site. Though I enjoyed Happiness somewhat, they ending was a little... eh though.


Let's see, I'll recommend even MORE anime that you might just have to add to your list.


Sky Crawlers (movie) - Very slow paced and maybe a little bit hard to follow. Might take a little bit to get into because I attempted to watch the movie about three times. Im VERY glad I did end up watching it though, you should check it out. (O just watched it a day ago)

Arakawa Under the Bridge - umm... you've heard about it. START WATCHING IT >:D

Moyashimon - At first you'll read this and be like, another recommendation! But this is an ANTI-recommendation. Dont watch it unless you like a little the idea of talking microbs flying around talking to this guy. (it also has those anime characters where the mouth is all round. Sort of like a cheerio or something. I usually stop watching an anime if it has that sort of animation)

Nogizaka Haruhi no Himitsu - like sappy romance? You might like this then. I think I've mentioned it to you before. In Durarara! some okatus replace their  van door with a Nogizaka Haruhi in a cat maid outfit. I approved of it's awesomenessness.

more recommendations? Why not? pretty much going through my list and seeing what you might like.

Nyan Koi! - sort of Haremy, but not really. It's pretty funny, it has talking cats. (dont let that be a turn off because it's actually better than it sounds)

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - if you havn't watched this action packed anime, drop what you're doing right now and watch it. It... Is... AMAZING! Once you feel like another action anime. Watch this one. WATCH IT DARN YOU!

I feel like this comment isn't long enough. O well. Im making a Evangelion Amv. Though it may not be done for ages since eye tend to procrastinate a LOT.