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My favorite anime types:
(1) Well thought-out, with multi-faceted characters, interesting themes, and real consequences for choices. (Monster, Ef ~ Tale of Melodies, Madoka)
(2) Pleasant and joyful anime with simple themes and a "nice" overall feel. (Kobato, Aria Series, Manabi Straight)
(3) Shojou, where the characters are perfect and there's no fanservice. (Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kimi ni Todoke, Special A, Maria-sama ga Miteru)

But many anime really can't be categorized. Hana-Saku Iroha has aspects from all of the above "categories".

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NeoAznMonkey avatar NeoAznMonkey

You Rock!

Jan 13, 2011

SOopah Kwik responsuuuuH!!!!

I'll draw em over the weekend since it's late now. Also yes my anime list is long, but everytime I finish an anime I get lost in a world of no anime to watch. So a long list helps me get lost in a world where there is a lot of anime to choose from. Im still watching Blassreiter, I'd watch like 3-4 episodes every night at like 2:00am but for some reason I've been prioritizing sleep (since the all nighter)

Darn my need for sleep. Why couldn't they invent pills that only I could have so I wouldnt have to sleep. Then i could do all my work after school and just Anime marathon all night non stop (cept for bathroom breaks and food gathering) And spriting of course because that's pretty important too.... You Rock!I downloaded Stepmania SCC which is a somewhat mod of the original. I downloaded this SUPER awesome theme called Moon Light which is aboslutely amazing to look at. Unfortunately when I play, (you know the thing that pops up and says your combo, Perfect, Marvelous ect) that thing is too big and kind of blocks the incoming arrows which is annoying since the rest of it is so amazing. Also the game feels a little different when pressing the arrow keys. It's like a very small difference or something. I can't quite put my finger on it.

NeoAznMonkey avatar NeoAznMonkey


Jan 13, 2011

Nao fer a Moar Legeeit respawnz.

1st, if you can, email your sprites. I'm feeling like I need to put more work into your game.

I don't know what to say, and I don't feel like looking at your comment because the would require opening an entirely new tab. So this comment will be legit but short.

My anime want to watch list is now 20 anime long. YEESH. Some of which are Digimon. I remember when I was little I watched at LEAST 15-20 episodes of digimon. So i must complete myself by watching the entire thing in its intended order.

NeoAznMonkey avatar NeoAznMonkey


Jan 12, 2011

Light stops feeding Ryuk Apples and he gets mad so he writes everybody important to the anime's names in his deathnote and then goes home...

that was my response

NeoAznMonkey avatar NeoAznMonkey


Jan 11, 2011

I have NEVER seen a Bokurano AMV. At least not an AMV with only Bokurano in it. There are tons of AMV's with a mix of anime (too many for me to count) and it may have been in there. At this point (where you have watched absolutely nothing of Bokurano) I would recommend NOT looking up any AMVs because I think seeing anything would be a spoiler.

The episodes sometimes are episodic, BUT it's because it goes into the characters background which adds to the main story and makes you understand why they do stuff more.

Also most of the Bokurano AMVs I found were made in Windows Movie Maker, which is gross.


Snos... Did I not say SnoS S 4? S4= Special 4, which is an OVA. I saw it on Animeseason.com on the new anime list. New season for SnoS? When I finished watching it I searched for a new season of SnoS but I found nothing. Keep in mind this was months ago, possibly a year ago. I havn't searched for anything, but it isnt one of the anime where I desperately want a new season to come out. The one's where I would REALLY enjoy another season would be, Sekieri and FMP. Those are anime that really need more episodes. Sekieri was one where I saw an add for the 2nd season and I was SO happy when it came out. Unfortunately it left even MORE room for another season. Which is sort of acceptable, if they don't make more episodes it's somewhat of a waste though because the main bad guy ahs not been defeated yet. Theres like 3 parts to his plan or w/e and 1 and 2 have been completed. I NEED 1 MOAR SEEZUN! FMP on the other hand I havnt watched in a blue moon... or something. I don't quite remember how it left off, all I remember is desperately searching for an answer which was, the novel hasn't even gotten far enough. I was like NUUU! I also came across a rumor for a Live Action Movie staring Zach Effron. Which by now I realize as fake, or the movie is taking a bajillion years to make.

If you made the game addicting enough and kept adding member content stuff and raised the price of that a lot, I'm sure a handful of spoiled kids with rich parents would pay like $1000 a month. We need free content so there's a larger communty so the rich spoiled kids can show off their money'n'stuff...

Minecraft, my list of things to do currently:

Re-aline/align (right spelling pl0x?) my underwater dome hallway so its perfectly centered.

Make a more definitive tunnel to the surface world

Make a house on the surface connected to that tunnel

Create a farm above ground

Make a stable for my horse which is currenty just trapped in a pit

Collect some bunnies and breed the heck out of them

craft a golden sword so I don't get PWND by werewolves (gold = silver in MC)

and of course - mine for more diamond.

I recently added a Mod which adds a ton more animals such as birds that spawn in trees (also horses and werewolves ect.) My underwater farm had a tree in the middle of it, birds spawned while I was away looking for a horse and trampled all over my crops :(. That is why I must farm above ground. There's no room underwater to move it anywhere else on account of everything is within a small underwater dome.

AS for AMVs, I could direct you to MANY, MANY amazing AMV's. Just ask if you want one, with or without spoiler, depending if you've seen the anime or not. In the last couple months there have been A LOT of more people making AMVs that I wouldnt even call AMVs. Basically you take Naruto/Bleach and put it to REALLY screemo music with some pretty decent editing. Only the editing is mostly just random clips changing with flash transitions to the beat of the music.

example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SORwRmdP7Hc

Now here's a good one to offset the bad one:

This one has possible spoilers BUT it's edited very well, you can see a story represented within the AMV. I'm fairly sure you wont be spoiled though it though you will see some clips and remember them in the anime. You choose to risk it or not... oh and the anime is Sky Crawlers (movie)


Here's one without spoilers:

The anime is Naruto so I assume it doesn't matter if it spoils the plot or not. Keep in mind it is Naruto which is spammed in everything. This one has no particular story told within the AMV, yet its edited VERY well. I also find that when the clips are at least HQ then they are much better.



Sprites, wanna give me some homework that actually matters :D? Just ask if you need anything done. We need to get rid of all your gamemaker instant sprites and replace them with epic sprites that = FTW. Also I think I should do most of the environmental stuff just so we have little difference in the styles. Which isn't bad, but to Evan's extremely amazingly odd sprites to Ians highly bolded anime characters. I think the environment at least has to look constent (?) (I can't think of any words today AUGH)

PS: hope the links work and my comment is actually long enough this time. Im always scared when i write a long comment that it will be deleted when i try to submit it.

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