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hey! my name is samantha =D im an easy going person. I love the movies, sushi, and music. My favorite bands/singers include: Incubus, NIN, Nirvana, Placebo, Billie Holliday, Kelly Clarkson, Adema, Marilyn Manson, Sacrling, REM, Doors, Eagles, Jimi Hendrix, Rage, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Christina Aguilara, and the list goes on and on. if u wana know more hit me up =D

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sothis Oct 31, 2007

Hi hi! Haven't seen you in awhile, are you still around somewhere? ^_^

tetra Jul 29, 2007

I have seen Gakuen Heaven, it is nice but I find it somewhat annoying that they could not transform the story from a game-story to an anime-story better. It is so clear that it is a yaoi-game that they have made into an anime... 

I would like to see a continuation though ;) 

Firestorm Jul 28, 2007

You didnt miss honey and clover II did you?  If so I can give it to you.

Firestorm Jul 28, 2007

Im delighted to see someone else who appreciates Honey and Clover.  Action and slapstick aren't necessary for good anime!

tetra Jul 28, 2007

I have way to many favourite anime, so I thoughtthat a themed top 5 that I change every month or so would be the best way to deal with it. And since yaoi/shounen ai is my favourite theme I chose it to go first ^^