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Name: Alya

Age: 15

Birthday: March 28th {Aries}

Occupation: Student + Teacher + Fantasy Writer + Artist

Hobbies: Editing, Writing, Sketching.

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HikaruTenshi says...

I get a lot of invites. ^_^


Oct 25, 2009
HikaruTenshi says...

(Sorry for the late reply, I have been really busy.)

Cafe World is an application on Facebook.


Oct 25, 2009
crterror says...

Eh, if you spend a lot of time alone then you eventually learn to cook, that or learn to use the microwave a lot.

FPS = First Person Shooter

RTS = Real-Time Strategy

Meh, I just happened to befriend people who like anime, I'm seen as pretty weird myself and proud of it. I mostly keep to myself in person and watch anime off my mp3, it's easier that way. Who cares what they think? Are they suddenly going to start telling you how to walk or breathe, why bother with their opinions and do what you like.

Kobato? is that the girl collecting sad stories in order to fill her bottle? It's not bad, not great. I'm watching it, I kind of like how she's an air-head type character and that the talking dog is pretty sadistic but other than that I guess I do watch all the new releases.

CAPTCHA attempt 01: "inroads intellectualese"

CAPTCHA attempt 02: "madams wagerent"

CAPTCHA attempt 03: "covet gorlach"

Oct 23, 2009
crterror says...

What's so impressive about cooking? Isn't it necessary for both genders these days to know how to cook n' stuff? Plus I like my own cooking, aside from the having to cook and wait around part. It makes me feel like a crazy scientist... who... get's to eat his creations afterwards!

I know what you mean about the popular anime scenario, if you look at my anime list you could tell what I ranked stuff.

Well, I really like RTS and FPS games, mostly because I like to have a huge cluster of stuff exploding while running around to feel like a true lunatic. I've always disliked the bad media hype given to games, just once I'd like to hear about a kid who murdered a bunch of people because he saw it on the news. The reporters' faces would melt trying to spin that.

I don't know about all that, my friends seem to like anime and if not we always have violent video games to share with each other. This may be horrible advice (I know it is! XD) but if you want them to stop thinking anime is for kids show them some H and then say, "So you think this is for kids?! You'd be a horrible parent!" I would love to see the expressions on their faces if you did that.

Toradora, the palm-top-tiger. Heh, I just watch everything together, if there's a new releases I'm likely to just watch it when it comes out. At the moment I'm following... the new Darker than Black, the Sacred Blacksmith, Nyan-Koi, Kampfer, and just about anything else that is coming out.

Sad realization: I have way too much free time...

Sadder realization: I need more free time to watch more anime!

Saddest realization: If on base or shipped off, I'm gonna miss so many episodes!

CAPTCHA: "therefore trust"

Oct 18, 2009
crterror says...

Heh, I don't think I'm a very good role model, I never do homework and I'm always either asleep, playing video games, cooking, or watching anime.

My favorite anime? It would probably have to be Midori Days, for now at least. I really liked the idea of a girl having a crush on a guy and becoming his right hand, though I can only imagine what kind of havoc it must been off-screen.

Yup, I've watched Eureka 7, it was a great concept and I liked the music but the thing is, I'm one of those people who if something gets too popular and someone constantly builds it up then I tend to be let down and even dislike it. It was the same for the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

What about you? Hobbies? Favorite anime? Do you like Eureka 7?

I've been pretty swamped with homework lately, well... "assignments". Any good games or anime out yet? So far I've just been watching all the new releases along with a couple of TV shows here and there, what about you?

Oct 17, 2009