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I don't really know what to put here so I'll just add whatever.

So I been watching anime since I was young; however, around 2006 or 2005 , I have a crap memory, I started getting more into anime. I recently took a break from anime but now I'm starting back.

I'm a really laid back person and like to chill I'm always up for watching some new anime that I haven't seen or heard of before, main reason I'm here. I really wasn't going to participate much when I first decided to join the site but for some reason I couldn't help myself.

Oh yeah and as you can see some of my personal information maybe vague but that's mainly because I'm paranoid.

I like all types of anime, pretty much open to all genres but I do prefer the slower more relaxing ones or something that makes me think. The more unique the better!

Since you can't tell what my top 5 are from looking at profiles yet I decided to list them here temporarily, might actually end up making a top 10 list.

Kino's Journey



Pale Cocoon

Diary of Tortov Roddle

I don't know what else to put so I guess I might put some more info later.

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Hikaru Sep 20, 2008

Kino, i enjoyed that little series.

Animedreamer240 Sep 12, 2008

Hello! ^^  Thanks for writing back; i'm glad that the comment system is working again.  I wish I could take a look at your anime list right now, but I'll have to wait! XD  Are there any anime that you have completed recently that impressed you?  The last one that really impressed me was Legend of the Galactic Heroes, then everything else seemd "ok." xD  But I'm looking forward to watching several movies and series that have yet to be released. -patience!-  ><

xaemar Jun 27, 2008

You really have great taste in animes! Kino's Journey, The Diary Of Tortov Roddle, Comedy and Pale Cocoon are so great! At the same time poetic, profound and atypical. :P

You should check my top 25 of my favourite animes in my bio; there could be many animes in your tastes! ^_^

Animedreamer240 Feb 25, 2008

Hallo! I wanted to say that you have a great top 5, just like tasanime!  It's a very mature selection.  I just watched "Comedy" yesterday, and it was great.

tasanime Feb 2, 2008

Your welcome, it's refreshing not to see FLCL, Bleach, Naruto etc kinda anime in your list.... as are in manys!

I'm going to give bartender a shot, try out one or two episodes... I'll let you know how it goes.  Also, with Kino & Tortov in your top 5, I wonder if you've seen Mushi-shi or Atama Yama? They're both great if you like the travelling theme.