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Well, since i don't guess anybody's that interested in my real bio, I'll just concentrate on my "anime-watching-bio" here. ;)

Of course i have watched those childrens series on TV while young, without knowing so many of them were anime, but I'd say the time I really started watching anime was quite a bit later. When i started going to university, i got some anime movies from some fellow i got to know in the dorm. I think they were "Ghost in the Shell", "Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind" and "Perfect Blue". I somewhat liked watching these and surely didn't share the bad opinion about anime quite some people seem to have, but i wasn't especially fond of it either.

Then a (little weird - but really cute) girl stumbled into my life. She was studying japanese and totally into anime. We ended up spending an enormous amount of time together. For some months we would cling to each other nearly 24/7, day and night (without anything sexual ever happening). Those were some really lazy days. Skipped all lectures, had no work, just did nothing at all (until the time my bank account reached it's limit). We would spend the days with lots and lots of talking, sharing all each others secrets and lying, arm in arm, on some couch and watching anime. Some Series like Full Metal Panik and Fruits Basket and thelike. I didn't really care what we watched (and don't really remember well), so I guess i would have enjoyed watching anything, no matter what.

I then started to really like the works of Hayao Myazaki (of Studio Ghibli), especially Mononoke Hime and Nausicaa. After really something happened inbetween us and we then destroyed everything and broke up, I ended up watching Nausicaa over and over again. (So many times, i didn't even need subtitles any longer). I then tried to rewatched some of the Series we'd seen together, but i just wasn't fun. After that i stopped watching anime completely, for several months.

I slowly found my way back by watching Evangelion and then really startet to like kawaii anime like Kamichu! or D.N. Angel. So i would occasionally watch some Series from time to time, until just some months ago, when i moved into my new (very nice) appartment. Due to some trouble with the provider, i ended up without internet for two months. (Having no TV either, never had one, never wanted to). During that time, in the evenings after coming home from work, i would watch some series i already knew. And then i started getting as much new stuff as i possibly could... Well, and here i am now =]

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wolfangel87 Dec 23, 2007

I like you reasoning!  ^_^  Very interesting response!!!  I can totally see your point.  It was really hard to choose, I even had to extend it

Rhesian Dec 22, 2007

Sorry to hear that things between you and the girl who introduced you to anime didn't work out.  Sometimes those stories have happy endings... I ended up marrying the girl who introduced me to anime!

Anyway, welcome to AP!

wolfangel87 Dec 22, 2007

Great bio!  Nice to see you in the forums too!

Don't forget to fill out your favorites list!  ^_^ 

Illsuions Dec 22, 2007

Hey great Bio!!! I liked the story about the gir studying japaneese, very sweet... It's always nice to share Anime with someone special IMO. *thinks I may have found one myself*  

Anyway I figgured I'd stop in and say hi and welcome here too...