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Crying Freeman

Aug 27, 2011

So I've been on an 80's 90's kick lately so anyone not in the mood for an amusingly cheesey show will probably find it rather if you're in the mood for a show that has deep and moving plot or something like that..move on.

This whole show is like a collection 70's or 80's cheesy action B-movie greatest hits..

So...Stray you say its cheesy..?

Was it violent? Arny would be Proud.

Was there nudity? SWEET JESUS HAVE MERCY

Was there sex? ...MUST NOT FAP...!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a whole I'm not sure if there was more nudity and sex, or action and killing. Does Freeman get naked? Oh lord yes, and when he's nude...someone is getting fucked...either by Freeman's knife, or his shadowy cock... And apparently if I get a yakuza tattoo bitches will flock and strip..

But just how cheesy is it?!

Example: Episode 5 8 minutes in, Freeman has already gotten laid, fought a cross-dresser with a knife in the rain.. surrounded by trash bags that the trash men dropped right before they did a drive by..

So like i said, this show is deliciously cheesy and the quicker you realize that the faster you can be amused by all the random nudity and silly 80's stuff that you don't see a muscular black woman with a fro, flying a Huey Gunship flipping the Bird, or the silly giant fat (naked)woman shooting rocket launchers...


For an 80's title it looks about as good as some of the mid to late 90's works, so its aged okay 

3/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Minai99 Nov 29, 2013

On a side note, would you describe the two main characters as being one-dimensional? I saw this review where that's one of their points for saying the show is horrible. I dunno, I'm only on episode 3 now, maybe I just haven't come to realize it yet, but I was fairly impressed by the first episode, anyway. I admittedly love the sex (really, you don't see too many modern anime that actually animate that anymore), the violence, and the art style, so I'm drawn to the show by all of these things despite it even being obvious to me that parts of episode 2 were corny or didn't quite make sense. I mean, by the definition I know, anyways, being one dimensional entails having little or no background and/or little change over the course of a show. So far, anyways, adequate background has been given to both main characters, and I do see them changing. What does it mean for a story to be mature, for that matter, if you take out the violence and sex? I can't saying that this show is any less mature than many many shows that have come out in the last two decades, yet I can't think of a reason for why it should be in the more mature category. Maybe it's just the fact that the characters are adults with established viewpoints on things, for once, instead of it being a coming of age story. Anyways, what do you think with regards to that, straydog? Thanks~

Minai99 Nov 29, 2013

lol I'm really enjoying this  show despite all the hate I see for it. I'm just in that 80s cheesy action movie mode right now. Even if the story isn't amazing, I love the art style so much more than modern anime's aesthetic. 

Mog Sep 15, 2012

This review has convinced me to put this on my 'to watch' list. :)