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Vampire Princess Miyu TV is an anime adaptation of the Classic Japanese Horror Manga Kyūketsuki Miyu. Both the adaptation and the manga were created by Narumi Kakinouchi and Toshiki Hirano. The original anime was a 4 part OVA that came out in 1988, and was re-released as a 26 episode anime series in 1997 licensed by Tokyopop! You can find information on the OVA by clicking on the following link: Vampire Princess Miyu OVA



The story begins with very little insight on who the characters are, or what their purposes are, and therefore it doesn’t give you much actual story until later into the series! The series by nature is very episodic, which means each episode can, for the most part, be viewed individually without any loss of enjoyment! The beauty to this is that it makes it easy to just watch one or two episodes a day, and it doesn’t engulf you leaving you irritated that you can’t see what happens next.

As the story progresses, you get some insight to how the characters relate to each other, and what drives each individual character. This allows for a few two-part episodes, and brings more of a plot to the table. When this occurs, it is a nice change of pace that really draws you into the series as a whole. Where at first, the story was just limited to each episode at a time, later you see the big picture and realize the true meaning of what each of these episodes means to our Protagonist, Miyu!

Finally, at the end of the series everything comes together bringing the true despair and struggle for fighting against fate to the story. The viewer gets a chance to understand the distance that Miyu places between her and reality and why. There is an interesting, though somewhat predictable plot twist at the end as well, which was thoroughly entertaining. For those that do not like the beginning of the series, just wait! The beginning is only a means to the end, and the end is where everything comes together!


The animation of the series was truly beautiful to watch. For those of you who are not accustomed to anything that predates the 2000 year mark, and are used to CG, and advanced manipulated effects, then you may not appreciate the work of hand drawn art! But for those who have experience in watching older titles such as this one, you should be very happy with the detail in the artwork. The backgrounds were very vividly drawn and detailed in textures as well as imperfections of the structures. The characters were almost flawless, but then again there were few changes in facial expressions in the main characters. The true beauty of the character design can be seen in Chisato, who changes her expression constantly.


The sound in this anime was, in my opinion very monotonous, and though it fits the show itself, I thought it to be altogether, weak. Both the opening and the ending were simple, and though I personally loved the flute at first, I believed it to be done way too much and it got old very fast.


Miyu, Larva, and Reiha were amazing characters to start off with. From the first time you meet these characters you automatically want to learn as much as you can about all of them. Luckily the series gives you a lot of insight to the past as well as the motivation that drives the characters. The best part about it is that their individual story is thoroughly thought provoking and deep. In my opinion, the character development in this series is what really brings the story to life. Without all the flashbacks and explanations, there would be nothing to base the actions of the characters on, and therefore would be just a bunch of random episodes that really have no value to them.

The supporting characters such as Chisato, and the other classmates from Miyu’s school, also have a their time in the spotlight, where you get to know them, and understand them, then KABOOM, they are thrown deep into the plot out of nowhere, which is a surprising, yet delightful turn of events.

Thus the characters in the series were given a lot of development that enhanced the entire series as a whole. It brings you closer to Miyu, Larva, and even Reiha. With the ability to understand their sorrow, you understand their actions!


The episodic nature of Episodes seemed dull at times and didn't incorporate the actual plot of the series, which I believed to be good! Instead, it just focused on one story at a time, with very little background plot development throughout the episodes during the beginning of the series. It was a good show, but it could have been better! The sound didn’t ever do justice to the beautiful artwork. The characters were amazing, period.

All in all, I wish the battles were longer, with a little less of the unnecessary talking, though sometimes it did play an impact on the episode as a whole. One final word of advice, when watching this, watch each episode as a story in of itself, until the series itself gives you a plot to hold onto, otherwise, you may get bored with it! 

8/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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OldMan Sep 22, 2010

I've owned this series for quite some time and I totally agree with what you've written. Good review! I look forward to reading more of yours.