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Just a random, middle-class white dude with a lifelong love of cartoons and comic books and (more recently) an obsessed Anime and Manga enthusiast.

I stand firmly against English dubs...from poor choices of editing to badly directed voice actors to blatent censorship. Until I become fluent in the Japanese language, Fansubs are the only way to go for me.

Please drop by my site, for reviews on current anime and check out my artwork. Let me know what you think. Good or bad, I want to know.

I no longer have a YouTube channel where I have posted some of my favorite OP's and ED's. Instead, I am going to repurpose my fansite into an Otaku Paradise ~ peace

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xxcloud9xx Oct 23, 2012

nah nah, I read the first chapter (a peaceful little day) and it was good! I'll read more later. College work kind of has to be a first priority rather than my addictions :-)

xxcloud9xx Oct 23, 2012

Hey Momo, sorry for the REALLY REALLY late Reply, I was kinda busy, but I did read your short story (and you were right, it's REALLY short! :-) ) I don't have a account on so I'll give you a short review here, if thats ok?

"first of all (I'm gonna top load this review, so prepare!) for those who don't know a lot about strike witches, it's a little abstract... but for those that do it shows a great insight into the thought process of just the side character, it shows great love for the series and the property in general.... i'm slightly suspicious of you now, you have good writing sence (i read your other story "proper path to glory") and it has the same good story telling as "I'll be waiting for you" but as its a longer story it is fully developed and feels (im my opinion) like a proper light novel :-) 

all in all its a good snippet of the thoughts of Michiko that could be an exerpt from the light novels. keep up the good work :-)"

xxcloud9xx Jul 29, 2011

very true, and i live in ireland.... so its not just america! mothers and creepy old spinsters  all over the world (except japan, apparently) would just love to dress us in gray and place us in protective bubbles, "to save us fro ourselves"!! :-)

xxcloud9xx Jul 29, 2011

opinions are good! always say what you think!! :-) the only bad part about gurren laggann is there's not alot of other anime like it! and it's a good anime to watch after coming off something like elfin lied, the same with strike witches... sometimes you need a good dose of light heartedness! oh i cant stand fun-imation dubs!!.. or most dubs anymore, the japanese actors put alot more feeling into there voicework and fansubbers love what they are doing, so the whole package is better!


(lol i was going to ask if it was alright to add you so i could read your reviews when you do them, but you got ahead of me:-) thanks for the add!!)

josephl64 Jul 27, 2011

thanks and i was just wondering because i played the DS version which was pretty fun

*note to self: dont ever try to play a text heavy strategy game without looking at a gameplay vid first if its Japan only