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     In my opinion, Ouran High School Host Club was a great anime.  It was funny, with a cute romance as well.  The animation and voice actors, in my opinion, were great.  The characters all had a unique personality, and each was funny in their own way.  However, I think it could have been even better with a little more effort.

     The story was a cool and very unique idea, but could've been better with some more effort.  I read the manga and watched the anime, and I prefer the manga.  The story was much more detailed, and it went into much further depth.  At the beginning, I was hooked by the humor and the persistence of Tamaki and the other hosts.  However, after the first episode, the story digressed from the main story plot.  While the hosts' funny antics and many parties always brought a laugh out of me, I wanted to hear more aabout the main storyline after a little while.  I also wanted to see a little more romance between Tamaki and Haruhi along the way.  The story was going in a great direction, but it would have been better if they had gone into a little more detail.

     I don't have much to say about the animation of Ouran High School Host Club.  All of the movements were smooth, and the colors were nice and vibrant, as they should be for a shoujo romance anime.  I also thought the overexaggeration of red roses and little sparkles were great touches; it adds to the humorous romance of the show.  All in all, the animation was great, and I had no complaints.

     The sounds and voice actors of ouran High School Host Club were also fantastic (I watched the English dub).  Vic Mignogna was a great choice for Tamaki, as was Caitlin Glass for Haruhi.  I was impressed with Haruhi's voice because it was not too cute, but not gruff either.  She sounded almost exactly as I would have imagined her sounding.  I loved having Vic Mignogna and Todd Haberkorn also, as I have loved almost everything they have voiced in.  As for sound effects, they always seemed to fit perfectly for the situation.  Between the little sparkly noises for beauty and the noises for the blinking arrows that appeared every so often, all sound effects were perfect.

     The characters were all fantastic, and they were very unique.  Each host definitely had a unique personality to use to charm the ladies, between Tamaki's "princely" type and the twins' "devilish" type.  I also liked the twist of how all the hosts had a side that no one else could see.  For example, while Kyoya always seemed so cool and relaxedx with his guests, he secretly had big family issues, and while Tamaki always was "Prince Charming" with his guests, he's actually very naive and persistent.  However, I didn't like how almost no character development occured until the later episodes, when the series was almost over.  I think they should have spread it out over more episodes, which would have also provided me with more interest for the show. 

     Overall, Ouran High School Host Club was a great show.  After just the first or second episode, I found myself completely addicted to the show.  I would recommend this show to any anime lover, girl or not.  Even without the romance, it is a very funny show for all!

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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