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Let's make this quick, understand. Name's ss2aimf, though it's appropriate to call me by "ss2" or "aimf" or "2aimf". All are beyond fine. I, myself, are from the deep origins of the Wonderland of Sweden, yes. Join the Holy Kingdom, shall you?

I have been watching anime/reading manga for the years of my childhood. My top anime that I am constantly hoping of a third season is "Black Lagoon." The anime is so good...the dub is better than the sub! HOLY MOTHER OF SWEDEN! I usually watch sub.

I am pretty simple, really. Any anime or manga you're looking for, then please, don't hesitate to speak to me, or you may hesitate. Now, now...where are my pedophiles?!

Another note: I have had an account on anime-planet.com, though I lost it. Fortunately, I am currently on myanimelist.com. (It's pain anime-planet won't accept my imported list from MAL! Time to relist... :( 

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