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Accel World

24 JAN

I'll keep this review short and sweet.

Story - Isnt much to tell reall. While there are similarities to Sword Art Online (and even references to some of the gear used in it) the story seems a little shallow. But it leaves a good foundation that can be built upon in future seasons (If there are any :p)

Animation - One of the best ive seen.

Sound - Music wise it doesnt even compare to a series like Macross but its decent enough to keep you entertained. Supporting sounds are execellent.

Character - As with the story all characters have a strong foundation built upon during season 1 which leaves huge potential of a full character development in future series.

Overall - Not supriceed that this is one of the top animes out there. While it lacks in Story and Character it makes up with Animation and sound. A must watch for true anime fans.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8.2/10
  • Animation 9.3/10
  • Sound 8.6/10
  • Characters 8.3/10
  • Overall 8.5/10


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