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LordIndy Dec 14, 2013

Hey Mr.B still around these parts?

LordIndy Apr 24, 2012

Glad your doing well. I saw that, I added Modoka to my want to watch list now. Heres an anime in return for the suggestion ^_^:

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

Starz is doing a live-action adaptation of Noir soon, but the only thing that will be simmilar is the name =P

LordIndy Apr 16, 2012

Aye Spotty! I see someones been watching anime lately ^__^. How's it going?

LordIndy Jan 14, 2011

Hey. Haven't been on here in awhile. I just finished SpeedGrapher, fairly good show; end got alil on the bad side of philosophy though. Started watching it last summer and am just now finishing it, guess my anime watching skills are out of shape. Cheers to another year by the way, hope all's well on your end. We should get together and hang out sometime. I'm game for just about anything I suppose. School starts next week and I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but I'm only taking ten credits this time around. Mondays and Wednesdays I do believe. Give me a call if your interested.



LordIndy Aug 13, 2010

Yeah, sorry about that. I got really busy with other stuff, then I went and bummed around out west. If you want to play video games just give me a call when your free, I don't have any new airsoft games planned soon, and I'm going to be hosting weekly D&D games at my house fri/sat over the next few months.

How ya been? Taking any classes? Hows everyone else? Any new anime/games/etc. lately?

The Boardom of Haruhi is out in English, HARDCOVER!!! Got my copy yesterday, i'm so excited! I wonder when season two of the anime will be in Eng.

Well, TTYL,