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Spoodles. I like anime, chapstick, and salt.

Just another little pigment of human existence.

But you can bet your ass I'm a fucking bigger pigment than you are.


I don't have a top 5 because I'm lazy, incompetent with decisions, don't give a fuck, or all three.


I'm more of a mangaphile than anime addict. I have a decent collection of over 800 mangas in my external hard drive.

It's all porn.

Homo. Porn.


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rasengan228 Nov 5, 2011

You should update your freaking watched list.......I know you've seen way more than what you have there.And you should rate them too!! >.<


rasengan228 Oct 27, 2010

Hey its been a while since we've used this! lol.  My anime/manga addiction has seriously been damaged.  Since i no longer have my private source of the stuff, ive gone cold turkey.  Until recently that is. Netflix is starting to put up some animes and ofcourse being withdrawn from it for so long, I watch them, even if they are in english or just suck! lolBut I have to say Ive stumbled across some, somewhat interesting animes. Darker than Black was one of them. And I was finally able to watch that Ouron High School Host Club.  Its freaking AMAZING!!! I dont know why I couldnt watch it before, but its great!! My favorite are the homo brothers!! lol

Well yea. Thats it for now. lol

rasengan228 Jul 11, 2010

Lol!! D.I.T.S. It has been forever since you last logged in!! lol. And yes i was disappointed to hear that FMA: Brotherhood was coming to an end already. Not that i watched it yet, cuz i know im an addict and i cant handle the anxiety of waiting for the next episode! lol

And yes I agree!! Good Manga/Anime these days have become hard to find!! I think its cuz the writers have weekly deadlines and what not, and just dont truely know ow to develope the stories well. I dont know. But yea. I look for the new mechas, and supernatural/gorey shit in hopes that i find something that can excite me like the good ol' days!! lol

rasengan228 Jul 15, 2009

OMG i just finished reborn! Two words HOLY SHIT!!!!

Its fucking great! Your going to love it!

Cant wait to hang out when you get back! I miss jooz!


rasengan228 Jul 1, 2009

My dear dick in the sky!!!

Lets start by saying that im glad to see that you are alive and well, since you've dissapered for what felt like months!!! You know you really should log on more often! you'll learn a bounch of shit real quick, especially when begin to check other's profiles and animes...if you'd check you would see...omg what do you know...Hitman Reborn! on my "Watching List" <<GASP>>

   I have already taken you up on your challenge, but it was well before we established it!  But i got to say Hitman Reborn! Is FREAKING GREAT!! I wont lie, i was like waddafawk, and was confused about the fire and the lil'kickass baby assassin?!?  Im just about to finish the first arch, the come exciting fillers! Yay! (sarcasim) I've got bad news for you, im, sooo finishing this before you, cuz your right im a lazy moddafucker and have a BUNCH of spare time, and you are a working women, who easily gets side tracked with other projects and pr0n!

   Em... I see that you've...um... updated your profile. Wow I've got to say...wow.  You even mentioned your obsession with salt!!

   And are we still on, about friday? Im dying to go over and hangout with you! There's soo much we can do! we've gotta talk about our story and watch a bunch of movies/anime/manga/etc...

I miss jooz!!!