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now Ima talk about soul eater for a min

24 FEB

well even though im not even a quarter of the way done with this one, im loving it its awesome, im like 15 eps in and things have happened, most of which i dont remember, iv'e been working alot lately and havent had much time to watch anime and that suck, last night after work i got 1 episode of soul eater and before that i hadnt watched in anime in almost 3 weeks, but im always jusggling so many anime i have a hard time keeping track, i've been watching lucky star for like almost a year, ill watch 1 or 2 episodes at a time then go with out for weeks im more than half way done but it just seems to be something i only watch when im in the modd... oh yeah back to soul eater, umm it starts out good, it starts out pretty freaking awesome, and i love the animimation on it, it like if you ever played the game professor layton, its like that mixed with the show chowder but it a more series drawn sence like DBZ, i dont know its awesome, im not gonna tell you to much ill tell ya this though, its good, its about people that can use magic and their partners who can turn  into weapons and they gotta kill a bunch of monsters and such and get witch kills, i forget the cat chicks name but shes awesome, i  dont know, you wont understand unless you watch it, so why are you still reading this, go out and watch, Yeah


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