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  • oh wow, i got a blog, i always wanted to try this

oh wow, i got a blog, i always wanted to try this

23 FEB

first of all, i have no idea where to start, im gonna just let it flow from the heart, first of all, hi everyone or just me cause i dont think anyone else is really interested in what i say, but at the same time, i dont care, ill just type to myself like a crazy maniac until someone in the world notices me, im gonna start talking about my favorite animes and why they are my favorite animes, i'd like to start with ranma half, this is my favorite show of all time and the manga, is better for the fact that it is like twice as long as the show, but why do i love ranma half.....i write songs and i think im gonna turn this blog post into a song because i think it would work... but where was I, oh yeah ranma half, its got everything, everything, everything, i dont know it such a good show, the charectors are great,  first of all ryoga, my favorite character, he just can never get it right, his life is just hell after hell and he is constanly drifting, im a drifter as well but it wasnt like him walking around the world and getting lost, then nabiki, becuase she is a prime example of a character that stick to their rold through all 7 seasons, but most people in the show do its awesome, i guess im gonna stop for now, ima have more on ranma sometime, right now i gotta find a new anime

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RyanGirl23 avatar RyanGirl23
Feb 24, 2012

I have never heard of that anime...but reading this makes me want to go out and watch it ~ I like how your random lol

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