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Dance In The Vampire Bund is definately one of those animes you accept and end up enjoying or you come at with preconceived notions of what it should be and you never end up getting over that. I actually almost gave up on this show immediately based on its loli aspects. However the premise of the show intrigue me so i kept watching and i'm so glad i did. First if your not into loli ignore the fact the main character has the body of a little girl and just enjoy everything else about the anime. This will definately end up becoming one of my top animes and i can't wait to get started on the manga.


The story i felt was really well done for the short amount of episodes this anime had. A lot of people who initially see this show dismiss it as just some excuse to show a little girl naked. Ignore that fact about the show and by the end you will find out their is a reason the leader of all vampires has the body of a little girl. If you stick with it with an open mind it will make you even a little emotional especially towards the end when truths are revealed. How do you cope with having to let go of someone you love? How do you face your responsibilities when it means giving up the one person that makes you smile? Those are just a few of the things dealt with in this great anime that i felt tied everything up nicely by the end


I really loved the animation in this one and loved all the characters models in it. The only small negative is that in a few action scense the animation seemed a little to static for my liking.


Really enjoyed the music throughout the series, especially the opening. The opening i felt was really well done with the main characters and the animation goes with the song nicely.


There are quite a few characters in this but i felt i knew enough about them to actually care about them even though the anime was so short. 


Overall this is one anime that needs to be seen with an open mind. Forget what we have come to accept as what a vampire should be along with what they can and cant do. Ignore the fact that there are lolita elements in this show since there is a reason behind it. Just enjoy the wonderful story, the interesting characters. the music that guides you along the journey, and one fine example of some good anime. 

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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spikespiegel1632 Jun 4, 2012

Well that is your opinion and your entitled to it. But i believe the action was very well done, i thouroughly got a great sense of the characters and felt like i knew what they were about by the end. So i truly enjoyed the characters and the interation between each other.

Another thing is you mention naked lolis like its the main thing and that there is more than one but the only loli is the main character and apart from being in very skimpy straps in the opening, she only gets naked here and there in the first few episodes and in the end. The nudity is never anything sexual. Also the nudity at the end is in no way a "OMG Naked Loli awesome", i was more like "damn that is some messed up stuff right there" and made me feel sad for the character.

You obviously hate this since it didnt turn out to be what you thought it would be and hey thats your opinion. I just want people who are like me and dont like the lolita aspects to give this anime a chance and not just dismiss it cause they have a sexualized child body on a lot of the material. I almost did that but now im glad i ignored it and just gave the anime a chance

roriconfan Jun 4, 2012

I did pay attention to the rest and in all honesty the whole show is as mediocre as it gets. No great action, not interesting characters, rushed plot, and eventually just another show that has a good main idea and does very little with it. Pretty much what Twilight did. Look how much Brigadoon developed its ideas despite also being about naked lolis. So no, nothing to see here other than naked lolis.

spikespiegel1632 Jun 4, 2012

Hey if you like watching loli naked then there are some nice scenes in this anime for you in this anime no denying that. But yes im telling people who are like me and dont care to see naked lolis to ignore it. I don't care if it was a selling point when this anime came out, i just know that i immediately turned it off in episode 2 i believe where we meet Mina for the first time since here we had a naked loli.

     But i love vampires and love hearing story writers different takes on different vampire mythos so I decided to IGNORE  the loli elements and that allowed me to enjoy a great story and some great characters. I know the creators of this show probably threw in loli elements for shock value or to please loli fans but they also put in a good reason as to why she has the body of a little girl in the series. I think the one who is being myopic here is you who seems to just wants to pay attention to the loli aspects of the show and ignore everything else about it. 

roriconfan Jun 4, 2012

You expect from people to ignore the selling point of the anime in order to enjoy it: Loli heroine. YEEEEEAAAAAH, not going to happen.

Very myopic and thus bad review. Ignore it people XD