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#1 Timeline

Timeline, rating, and notes/mini review of Anime I watched. Unfortunately, I didn’t start doing this till August 2016. The notes/mini review gets better further down the list.

#2 Rewatch Timeline

Show's that I re-watched with a timeline, new rating, and notes/mini review. As time changes, I change; I might give the show a different rating. The ratings should overall be lower because I already know what’s going to happen and as I get older...

#3 My Favorite Anime

MOST Anime that I found that was a 8/10 or higher. Some 8's aren't good enough to be on this list.

#4 My Top Recommendations

This is anime that I've seen and can recommend to people. Although, there will be some that I don't like, but I put them on here because they recieved enough attention (in a good way) that I recommend giving it a shot.

#5 Want to Rewatch

Anime that I want to Rewatch