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How I rate 

10 - Breathtaking: Wow, the mistakes aren't noticeable and it’s filled with so many outstanding moments. A show like this rarely pops up and is a must see. Also, good luck trying to do anything else in real life. Ignoring family members, losing sleep, failing a test would be some of my personal examples.

9.5 - Spectacular: There are a moderate amount of moments that will blow me away, but there's not quite enough to make it a 10. 

9 - Superb: It has a moderate amount of masterpiece moments that make this show highly entertaining. However, I can honestly say that I’m disappointed with a lot of the 9's I had to rate.  I think certain 9's should have been 10's, but its potential was held back by certain content that didn’t belong. 

8.5 - Excellent:  This is when anime starts to get addicting to watch.  There are moments that leave me in awe and wanting more of it. Although, these moments either don’t happen enough or something is holding it back. Regardless, I'll watch the anime all the way through, even if it’s long.

8 - Really Good: It's a solid show that usually has an interesting twist about it or is strong in a certain area. However, there's nothing here that will leave me craving more. 

7.5 - Good Job: It's above average, meaning it's simply more consistent overall compared to what I normally see and does leave me satisfied.  

7 - Average: It's pretty good and does deliver as a show, but it's generally nothing I haven’t seen before and does contain a few errors in it. The reason why I think seven is average is because most show's I see fall around this rating. I'll probably watch half of the first season and stop watching.

6.5 - Fair: Either the story/characters are weaker than they should be or there's just certain aspects that's boring about the show. However, with that being said, it does hold up as an anime. 

6 - Passable: Not very entertaining, but it's not bad. This is more of the middle road meaning that while the content isn't that strong, it's just enough to give the show a pass.  I'll drop it after 1-2 episodes.

5.5 - Lacking: This is the point where I stop enjoying myself. I'll probably drop it after the first episode (If I can finish the episode) because of traits like Recycled Material, Predictable, and being boring. 

5 - Dull: For every moment I’m entertained, there's a moment I’m annoyed. That's not going to cut it. 

4.5 - Poor: While there are good qualities here, it's hard to notice when there's more bad ones.

4 - Bad: The couple things that it has going for it is dragged down and quickly forgotten. I'll probably drop it half way into the first episode or less. 

3.5 - Really Bad: Ever compare anime to crap? Well now you can!

3 - Terrible: Annoying, Disappointing, and awful ideas are some of the many traits that make this anime horrible to watch. I'll more than likely drop it after 5 minutes. 

2.5 - Painful: Where as an 8.5 starts to get addicting, this is the real pain starts and will have some of those special moment's where I feel like I'm losing my mind. The off button is the pain reliever. 

2 - Tormented: What were they thinking? I feel like the life is being sucked out of me when I watch this broken anime. Yea, there's a story, characters, animation, and sound. But it’s basically the worst I’ve seen. I'll be done with this in a couple minutes. 

1.5 - Extreme Torture: Symptoms include Excruciating Pain, extreme discomfort, and loss of sanity.

1 - Unbearable: This isn’t anime, it's a torture device made from hell. Just about every moment I watch, I'm beyond irritated and annoyed. If I want brain damage, I'll just continue watching. It will be hard to last even 20 seconds.

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Gizmok24 says...

hey dude thnkks for the comment :) yea i find alot in the anime community ppl hating on eachother cuz we dnt like what they do.Anyway man ive added you to friends to so take care and keep  watching awesome  animes :D

Aug 18, 2013
spike835 says...

@ Gizmok24

Hey, thanks for the compliment! I’ve only seen the first episode of Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai, but I thought it was great. You also have nice list of anime and you have a pretty cool avatar.

May 21, 2013
Gizmok24 says...

Hey Dude just wanted to say you have a awsome taste in anime :) I found your profilke because you gave the anime Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai 4 stars like me when everyone was hating on it for some reason even though it was a cool anime so yea awsome list bro :D

May 21, 2013
spike835 says...

@ Singan, Thanks for the heads up, I'll put it on my won't watch list.

Feb 19, 2013
Singan says...

Thanks for the positive feedback! Though the worst anime movie I've seen so far is this:


Feb 18, 2013