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Jun 21, 2012

Story; 8/10

Here's the thing about InuYasha; it's so damn long.

The story revolves around Kagome breaking a sacred jewel stolen by InuYasha, the pieces scattered all across the world, and the epic journey to find and re-assemble the jewel. Along the way Inuyasha and Kagome make friends who travel and fight with them as they go through struggle after struggle with their arch-nemesis Naraku, a demon composed of a bunch of demons.

The story in InuYasha is good; I'll talk more about characters and their development later. The lore and adventure of the series hooked me from the start, along with the romance involved between the characters (I'm a sucker for a good romance). The protagonists were fleshed out nicely, and their backstories are interesting as well as believable within the narrative. The antagonists were well-developed as well; in many animes I find the antagonists to have silly motives and even less intelligent backstories. In Inuyasha, the antagonists are not silly and their motives are clear, allowing the audience to feel how important it is for Inuyasha and friends to defeat them.

My only complaint about Inuyasha is, again, it's too damn long. I understand the anime is attempting to follow the manga to the letter, but really, it's just too long. It makes the romantic aspect drawn out; Inuyasha and Kagome flirt for a total of 167 episodes until the Final Act, when they finally start getting more serious about their feelings. By episode 167 I'd imagine they would be having sex or something more steamy than flirting; the length of the narrative detracts from the romance a little bit.

Though it can get boring at times, the story is compelling and each season does hold new surprises, even if the main plot doesn't change.

Animation; 8/10

The animation is well-done, but in my mind there is nothing separating InuYasha from any other anime. It is great visually, but it's not a defining characteristic of the anime. I don't think anyone notes InuYasha for its animation, due to its similarity to other anime. 

Sound; 7/10

"I sense a Sacred Jewel Shard!!!"

It is untold how many times Kagome says this line in the anime. The voice acting in InuYasha is good; Monica Stori and Richard I. Cox do well in their roles of Kagome and InuYasha, along with the voice actors for Miroku and Sango.

The only issue I have with the music is, it gets so repetitive due to the series' length. The same soundtrack is used for all seasons it seems, so the music can be pretty predictable sometimes.

Characters; 9/10

Thankfully InuYasha does not waste the 167-episode opportunity for character development. Each character is well-developed, has a unique backstory which is interwoven into the narrative, some of the have stories of their own while traveling with Inuyasha, and each of them is interesting (with the exception of Shippo).

Let me start by saying Shippo is annoying, pointless, and boring. He doesn't fight. He doesn't scare anyone. He rarely helps. He just sits there and cries. Though many argue he serves as moral support for the rest of the cast, I still cannot bring myself to like his character.

All of my contemptuous statements aside, Inuyasha and Kagome are a good pair; they balance each other without vnenturing into the silliness of anime drama. Though their romance is too drawn out in my taste. I liked them as characters, but I didn't love them.

My favorite couple and characters from InuYasha were Sango and Miroku, as I could relate to their characters and their romance was funny and serious, giving an excellent romance within the narrative. Their acquaintance as strangers grows into stronger feelings naturally, and their antics are enjoyable to watch. These two, in my opinion, steal the show.

Beyond the romance, character development is well-done for each protagonist (it had better be in 167 episodes), especially Sango and the situation with her little brother.

The antagonist, Naraku, is one of the most fleshed-out believable villains I've seen in an anime, not to mention Paul Dobson's voice makes Naraku ten times more villainous. His motives are clear, his actions are devious, and overall he is a great antagonist to the heroes of InuYasha.

Overall; 9/10

Though the anime is lengthy, it is worth watching if you have a few weeks out of your time to watch (or have enough space on your hard drive to download off the internet). It is a geat story, with great character interaction, and a satisfying anime eperience.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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