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about me

Yo Im SpaZnaT


Currently, im a 17 year old kid whos finished school and enjoys the overrated freedom of working 3 jobs at a time and having no money or time for myself....till i lock myself in my room to watch anime that is XD.

Ive been a tad curious about this site ever since ive seen a couple of users on animetake and bakabt post comments with this thimgimajig from anime-planet as their sig, so i thought "seeing as i cant draw for shit i couldnt possibly draw my own sig, id rather steal one from anime-planet" and thats what im gonna do.......as sooon as i find out how this site freaken works!!!

Ok then, adios for now, i'll update this bio whenever i feel like adding some extra stuff.

P.S Im Polish but lived in aussieland for most of my life.

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Perth, WA

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April 1, 2011

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May 23, 2011

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