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Hi i'm spartiate, sparty for the friends.

I'm 18 and of course i like manga and anime. My passion is drawing and painting mostly outside. At first i had no idea what anime was, but my girlfriend was really into it. So one night we spent 8 hours on the bed watching non stop anime movies, and voila i was anime addicted .

As i like everything art related, anime for me holds special attributes. Anime can be complex, both psychologically and artisticaly, they can make u laugh or be serious, they attract your attention and emotions. For me anime is the best solution after a long days work because it takes u to another world full of surprises.

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Bound Apr 6, 2010

Hey there, thought I might make a anime reccommendation and reccommend "Gungrave", its avery good old Cowboy Beepop type anime I thought you might like. Judging from your avatar I also thought you might enjoy it because its about the Mafia :D

crawller Jun 17, 2008

Don't miss Death Note man, :)