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There are three different stories. 

Pinky Promise - Asako is lonely girl, it changes when she meets Hong, which thinks the girl wanted to commit suicide. Shortly after being happy together - she discovers Hong's past.

Cuckoo Child - Story about girl which "falls in love easily" and finds her true love. 

60 Days - About an introvertic girl and her changing. 

Although they all are heartwarming the one which I liked the most is 60 Days. The one which didn't got me was Cuckoo Child. I totally understand the point of the story, but not everyone finds the hapiness. 


It's very clean and smooth not like some manga's where sometimes you can't see what's going on. Also it's not very detailed or specific - just plain and it's good - no need for anything else. 


Obviously there could not be much of character develepoment - we could only see a slice of it. Recompensate for this is that they are realistic - they are not just some stupid archetypes like tsundere which you could expect. Having their own problems to deal with, but also showing theirs good character, girl side.


This are maybe not the greatest, but one of the great or at least good one short stories for everyone who likes romance or some kind of drama involved. The manga lasts around like 180 pages which is let's say typical 6 chapters of manga?

You won't waste time reading it even if you won't like it. 

8/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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