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Hi there! I'm a not-so-normal girl living in Silicon Valley Jr (Seattle). I work for a software company as a writer of developer documentation, but my background is computer science and programming. In my spare time I enjoy console RPGs such as my obsession, Dragon Quest (or old school PC ones such as Ultima aka best games ever, or Sierra adventure classics), anime (duh!), sci fi, movies, my cats, and various other nerd things.

I created the Anime-Planet site many years ago, as a simple hub for a community. It has grown so much since then, and I'm proud to call myself its creator and admin. Please enjoy your stay here!


My anime list stats and uses:

Watched: as it should be used, this means I've seen the entire series.

Watching: Either am currently watching or plan on continuing at some point soon

Stalled: I mark things as stalled when I either can't continue (no more episodes available), or plan on finishing eventually - just not right now.

Dropped: I don't plan on finishing this anime.

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Seiryu says...

About rubber = condom, I have to say, I didn´t know that and so sorry to get you unintentionally to laugh. I swear, I really never would have used this word like that if I would have known that!

That aside, I bought a rubber today and don´t need it anymore, so I sell it now, it is almost new, I only used it once, do you want to buy it? It even worked! When I tried to erase the comment with the rubber, it was like magic, everything on the comment was erased, along with my display...Too bad, I had to buy a new monitor cause of that, so iam sick of my rubber now, I even sell it at half price!

Aug 5, 2007
caitlin says...

Haha. I mostly saw the original Pokémon (which I might be buying and beginning to rewatch, tomorrow, and I was going to see about adding it to the database if you don't XD), but I say that anyone who hasn't seen at least some Pokémon must've lived under a rock at some point :P

Thank you, then! I was wondering, a bit, but did figure that you'd get to it when you could. In the mean time I was considering writing more reviews - just to make your life difficult ;)

 P.S. Don't know if you saw or anything, but I filled in a vampire quick list thing in the forum, as well as made a suggestion for (an) other quicklist(s) (though I have another quicklist idea, now :0).

Sorry for the long comment. ^^;; 

Aug 4, 2007
dredge says...


thanks for letting me in on a community that enjoys anime as much as i do.  i hope to eventually learn japanese (since the Army pays for stuff like that) so i can watch more anime and not need Dubbed or Subbed coppies to understand them ...  

thanks again...

Aug 4, 2007
MonkeyZerg says...

Boom shaka boom shaka!

I never felt this smug about earning a title. Sure beats 'Lord' or 'Dr'. Now am gonna have to convince my friends to refer to me as Sugoi MonkeyZerg.

... The path to Otakuness has no shortcuts, but I will persevere...

 Cheers m'Lady :D

Aug 4, 2007
Wolfwench says...

Hi there, Thanks for the recommendations! Just FOUND the list ...LOL ..added a few and am looking forward to watching them ..I really like your site and  am having fun discovering new anime !

Thanks for all your hard work and time here! 

Now back to your regular program .... 

P.S Your hair rocks . 

Aug 3, 2007