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Hi there! I'm a not-so-normal girl living in Seattle, WA. I work for a software company as a writer of developer documentation, but my background is computer science and programming. In my spare time I enjoy console RPGs such as my obsession, Dragon Quest (or old school PC ones such as Ultima aka best games ever, or Sierra adventure classics), anime (duh!), sci fi, movies, my cats, and various other nerd things.

I created the Anime-Planet site many years ago, as a simple hub for a community. It has grown so much since then, and I'm proud to call myself its creator and admin. Please enjoy your stay here!


My anime list stats and uses:

Watched: as it should be used, this means I've seen the entire series.

Watching: Either am currently watching or plan on continuing at some point soon

Stalled: I mark things as stalled when I either can't continue (no more episodes available), or plan on finishing eventually - just not right now.

Dropped: I don't plan on finishing this anime.

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Rentaro says...

Since I am Russian, and do not know much English(if I'm in something wrong, sry)It would be good if you add this anime( in list of anime, thx

Dec 25, 2014
chad28 says...

Santa Company is already out.

Merry Christmas sothis and thanks for the wonderful site.

Dec 20, 2014
Stateless says...

kinda think I should just stop worrying about tags (Anime, Character, or Manga), because I think I might have found another thing that isn't right? No biggie, and I doubt most people would notice it anyways.. -_-

Dec 17, 2014
Sianeka says...

sothis says... hey Sia, I sent a note about this in one of your past recs awhile back but it might have gotten lost in your inbox :) when making recs can you write them as plain text, not all italics? The first thing i have to do when moderating is remove all-bold or all-italics if someone has added that to the entire text, so it will save me a manual step each time of un-italicizing your recs. thanks!

Although it is somewhat a traditional identifier for me, I will refrain from submitting with italics then, since you ask. I do wish to be helpful and not create more work for anyone. I wasn't certain your request to stop was still in effect, since I looked at my older recommendations and reviews and they are STILL showing with italics (no sign that you or the mods have removed anything) so I (apparently incorrectly) felt that the ban on italics use was no longer needed. As you can guess by my current submissions, I've been reluctant to give up my identity.

Dec 16, 2014
callyprince101 says...

Oh wow, I never noticed it before! Thank you! :) 

This website is just amazing! So much better than MAL for sure! 

Dec 15, 2014