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Hi there! I'm a not-so-normal girl living in Seattle, WA. I work for a software company as a writer of developer documentation, but my background is computer science and programming. In my spare time I enjoy video games, especially console RPGs such as my obsession, Dragon Quest (or old school PC ones such as Ultima aka best games ever, or Sierra adventure classics), anime (duh!), sci fi, movies, my cats, and various other geekery.

I'm Anime-Planet's creator and admin, having built the site in 2001 in a quest to learn MySQL, before becoming the behemoth it is today. Anime-Planet was and is still run by a small handful of volunteers, even though we reach millions of users a month, so a great deal of my time is still spent creating features, running the project, training moderators, etc. If you're interested in helping support the site, check out this link :)

Contacting me:

As much as I'd like to be able to reply to each person who contacts me, I spend the vast majority of all free time working on the site and getting features out the door, so I rarely ever have time to read or reply to comments I get here. Most of the questions I get here are site-related questions that we have teams of moderators or forum sections to help with, and if there were less of those here in the profile, I'd have more time to reply to other comments.

Please make sure you read these notes and link suggestions for the most common site questions I get here. Another way to get in touch is in chat in the evenings, but I'd point you to the same links below if it's site questions. ;)

Thanks for stopping by! And now, enjoy some creepy amazing gifs...

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NickKnight Nov 23, 2016

Hello sothis, although in such a bad context there is something I must say, first of all, thank you for creating anime-planet/this website, it is easy to edit and add stuff and has a decent design and the lists feature is extremely useful/fun to use, now about the issue in question I'll answer to them part by part:

  • ""rotten prostitutes""  It was a cheap wordplay based on the translation of the original word, and yea I must admit that it was offensive and I apologize for that, the next time I'll simply translated it literally because: "Fujoshi (腐女子?, lit. "rotten girl") is a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men." - X

  • ""the gays"" I don't remember saying anything pejorative in the said review, I said "I don't care if the characters are gay but was it that hard to give them personality and depth?", in fact the only thing remotely pejorative I said was when I used the term 'fag' in LNfag when I was referring to myself and if you have any problem with people who are not from LGBT community using the word "gay": you should tell these people, who are fetishizing them (you obviously know what shipping means right?), not to use them too, because not doing so would be an hypocritical act.
  • "Your High Speed review, for example, is a good 40% of a rant about Tumblr, fujoshi and other aspects of the culture" I was backing up my opinions with evidence and facts, instead of just simply stating them with no base whatsoever, the next time I'll write it without them if that's the problem.
  • "light novels and why they're bad (off topic)" I LOVE Light Novels, but I believe in the Sturgeon's law, so I showed that most of them suck, but not all of them, I could do the same to anime, manga, video games or anything, just because I'm mature enough to point out its flaws of it doesn't mean that I hate them, and how exactly if was a 'off-topic' High Speed! is a Light Novel, commenting about LNs on a LN review is off topic, how so? Oh and if you want to see an actual rant about LNs, I suggest you to check out this review about an anime that is indeed a generalization about how 'bad' LNs are. 
  • "women's profiles/when talking to womenmy first comment to her didn't have anything remotely offensive, all I did was point out her sexism (against her own gender btw) and hypocrisy, then she denied my argument based on the fact that I was 'a/that guy' and that 'triggered' me, leading me to point out her gender as one of the reasons why this happened too,  and what do you mean by 'women' it was a/one woman, the other ones were responded to women who saw my comments on the pages of male characters and responded to them, if I dis/like male characters I write something bad/good on their profiles, if I dis/like female characters I write something bad on their profiles, funnily enough no guy came to my profile complaining about something bad I said about their 'waifus', yet women were the only ones who have done it, if they take bad comments on fictional characters as personal offenses that's their problem not mine, but I'm obviously going to respond to them.

          X,  See, this is how I deal with women/people when I'm talking about delicate subjects, as you can see, I was respectful and she was respectful to me, my problem it's not with women but with ignorant, hypocritical and conceited people regardless of gender, and if she had said "thanks for the insight but I'm not interested in it right now" I would've have said "Oh, my apologies then" but that wasn't the case, and if you're going to call me out for 'attacking women' simply tell the girl I directed my comments towards to:

  • Stop being sexist (against her own gender and also the opposite one) and hypocritical;
  • Denying people's opinions based solely on their gender;

And one last thing, aren't those kinds of subjects supposed to be treated on private (PMs/Chat), instead of in doing it on public comments?

P.S. I probably must've forgotten to address to other problems but this comment is alread big enough as it is, and I don't believe in this "especialy women" thing, I have male and female friends and see them as equal, talk to them as equal, and if they offend me they're going to be offended equally, I'm not going to see women as the weaker/lesser sex, I have been like this way before this 'new age of equal rights/treatment' and seeing them not as equal, talking to them as if they were fragile little babies, that would be sexist, something I make my best not to be, but it looks like it's hard to stay like this over here.

hamletsmage Nov 18, 2016

Thank you. I appreciate the fast response to my reported comment. It makes me, as a user, feel a lot safer and more welcome to Anime-Planet. 

ImSmiley Nov 14, 2016

why do you have anything that has to do with dragon ball marked as wont watch ?

LiamMcLoughlin Nov 6, 2016

Sorry don't mean to be annoying but how do you change your username?

Sianeka Oct 26, 2016

Random comment:  I just happened to see back in 2007 where you were planning to do some interesting things with your hair color.  And I'm curious if you ever did play with your haircolor back then?